Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Heidi!

It is so hard to believe that Heidi is already one month old today! Where has all the time gone? I guess constantly changing diaper after diaper does make the time pass, but seriously! Heidi will go for her 1 month check up on February 8th so we'll see how she is measuring up to the average kiddo... my guess is she is above average for weight and length; she's growing like a weed! A good weed though!
Daily life is still bringing it's ups and downs for our family. Mike finally received his offer letter to take down to the border to stamp for his work permit, so he drove to the Coutts crossing to do that yesterday. Unfortunately his permit was rejected due to the wording of his letter!! Just when you think things are finally going right. According to his new employer it is just a technicality and they will have his permit approved by next week. It is unclear at this point if he will still be able to start his job on Monday, so we'll have to keep you posted on that. Please keep praying!
I still have not heard back from EBA Engineering, my former employer, about the job posting I applied for in Lethbridge. It is not that I necessarily want to go back to work, especially not this soon, but Mike is not starting off at the wage we were expecting for him, so the extra income will sure be needed. I am praying that (1) I receive the offer for my old position back, and (2) that they will be flexible with me and allow me to do a modified work week of 3-4 days a week. This way I can still spend several days at home but can help out financially too.
Things are still S-L-O-W in the house department all the way around. Our buyers in Abilene fell through AGAIN (this is a recurring theme), the assumption of the mortgage in San Angelo is going as slow as molasses, and a suitable home for rent in Pincher Creek has yet to open up for us. These are probably the largest and most stressful prayer items in our life right now. We pray for favorable resolution for all 3 situations in Jesus' name!
I am not sure if anyone (other than Jill!!) is reading our blog?? If you are lurking, reading, and enjoying what you see/read, please {PLEASE!!} leave us a comment so we know that you were here, otherwise we feel no one is reading and this is all for nothing. Thanks!!
Harrison thoroughly enjoying his dessert

Opening some belated Christmas gifts from Texas

Heidi putting in some tummy time

Happy 1 month Birthday baby girl

Daddy & his princess

Baby Heidi

A screamin' good time!


  1. Thanks for posting Christie! At least I know we have 2 readers :)

  2. Okay, so I have about 8 different gmail accounts between myself, Valentina & Jaco... I can comment on all of them if you like!!! Don't stop! I love to blog! Get yourself a little counter from blog patrol to see the number go up & up as people log on to check it out!!!! I'll forward the site to Sylvia & Roxy & a few others if you like! (Ilo, Karen, Mom) If you know of a way to email followers when you post, let me know, as I'd like to do that too! (Being a fellow blog junkie & all!) Prayers for the houses to sell & jobs to work out! I've just started the Healing Power of Prayer - a Catholic Priest who heals - very interesting! Anyhow, Love & hugs! Gotta do the blog! I'm days behind! Happy Birthday Heidi!!! xxxxx