Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sweet Babies

Today was the first day that I was by myself with both the kids since returning from the hospital with Heidi. Our morning went fairly well, except when Harrison pretends to cry if hears Heidi fussing. I am sure like most of his little behaviors lately that he just wants attention from Mommy and Daddy. This too shall pass, right? I was finally able to catch Heidi with her eyes open although they were a little crossed! Oh well, still cute!!
cross-eyed and pouty with sparkling blues

sleeping sweetly


so proud of his baby sister

big kiss

white beard the dishwashing pirate!

Daddy and Heidi

A very proud Grandpa with Heidi

sweet angel


  1. Jenn you have such a beautiful family! I can't believe how big Harrison looks now. Not being the baby probably has something to do with that... and the fact that he is growing up. Congrats! We can't wait to meet Heidi! We miss you guys!

  2. Can't wait to meet the new addition! Beautiful photo of Heidi & Harrison... Nice use of light! You've got a future! :o) See you soon! Keep that chinook around, eh?!?! xxxx