Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Big, Huge Announcement!

It is nice and refreshing to have a new month starting even though it is the second last month of the year already!!  Where has all the time gone?

I have a very exciting announcement to make! If you are really observant you may have noticed a couple new gadgets added to to the sidebar menu on my blog.  One is "Partner with Me" and the other is a ticker tracking "Thailand Missions Trip Fundraising!!"  That's right, I'm going to Thailand!

I am SO excited about the opportunity that the Lord has presented to me through my school TSSM.  A small group of students and instructors will be going to Thailand for 2 weeks in March 2012 to minister to women and children affected by the horrendous sex trafficking that occurs there.

As you read the next paragraph really truly allow your heart to FEEL something.  Don't shut down and pretend it doesn't exist.  Just take in the scenario...

What would you do if a 10 minute walk from your house put you in the middle of cheap hotels where babies, toddlers, children, teens and adults were available for sexual purposes? What would you do if you had to walk by these places and know there was no way to help them? What would you do if you passed by children sleeping on the streets during the day because they were up all night on the beach selling gum and themselves to tourists? What would you do if you saw an old man pay for taking pornographic photos of children? What would you do if you saw a 10 year old boy following an old man into a rent for an hour hotel room? Would you stop? Would you turn your head? Or would you ask God what He wanted to do about this?

On the mission trip we will be directly partnering with an ministry that is established in the middle of the red light district, in Pattaya, Thailand.  The Bridge Children's Center:

*Provides a place full of the lighthope and love in the midst of darkness.

*It is a daytime Early Learning Center for children of ex-bar girls who are studying and working towards a better future for their children.

*It is a nighttime Child Care Center for children whose parents are working in the walking street area and for tourists on the streets to have a safe fun place for their kids. 

*It is a place of mentoring, a place for parental help and training and  a place of encouragement for parents and children.

*It is a place of safety and refuge.

Over the next week or so you will be receiving a personal letter from me.  I would love to explain more about the mission trip and more details on how you can partner with this very important Kingdom work.  Together we can all make a difference.  Would it be worth it to save one child?  Jesus says yes! Stop for the one.

If you are as excited about this opportunity as I am and cannot wait to receive my partnership letter please go ahead and locate the DONATE button in the top left margin.  Donate once, or donate often!  All major credit cards, cash, checks, and money orders will be accepted.  

I look forward to you and I joining our hearts to Jesus' and making a difference!