Saturday, February 6, 2010


I guess we have not updated the blog recently because we feel there isn't much to report. A lot has gone on behind the scenes but not much has changed in our day to day life.

Harrison and Heidi continue to do well together; he is such a doting big brother. Whenever I take Heidi out of her bouncy seat to hold her, change her or nurse her he immediately climbs up on the chair to grab her blanket and bring it to her. It is so sweet, he really cares for her. It seems in this last week Heidi has made a shift to spending significantly more time awake each day. I don't think I was quite ready for this yet as I am still struggling to feel rested myself. That is a whole other post for another day though.

Unfortunately Mike wasn't able to start his new job this week after all. It was a huge disappointment to us, especially him. There are still challenges with his paperwork that need to be worked out. There was a solution approached on Friday but we didn't hear the outcome before the end of the day so we are left wondering for the weekend, which is just plain frustrating after you have already waited so long and come so far (physically and emotionally). I know that the Lord is in control and we have given this to him to handle. I cannot tell you how much my heart yearns for a space of our own to call home, where my husband walks in the door every day after work and I greet him with an affectionate kiss and our children are happily playing in their own bedrooms. This is happiness for me, this is where I find peace. The Word encourages me that the Lord knows the desires of my heart and also that what He has started in me He will also complete. This has been a very dark valley for Mike and I to walk through over this last year. We are ready to leave it all behind us and move on to live for the glory of our God. Will this be your prayer for our family?

Grandma and Grandpa have been in Maui, Hawaii this last week on vacation. We have heard once from them upon arrival so we know they were having fun and relaxing. I can't wait to hear all about the horseback ride along the volcano and the underwater coral reef tour! I am sure they'll have some amazing pictures too. I know that Harrison has missed them since he spends almost every evening with both of them. He'll be happy when they walk in the door tomorrow!

Thanks for reading. Sorry for the short update, hopefully we'll have some more exciting news soon.

The Burnett Bunch


  1. Thinking of your family & praying for a resolution with Mike's job. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon sometime! :o) xxxx

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  3. We surely are praying for all of you guys. We love and miss seeing ya'll.

    Love Pajee and Nanny