Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome Heidi Joelle!

Last I wrote we were heading to the hospital the next morning to meet our daughter. Mike and I were told to arrive at 8:00 am, which we did and then we were told to wait, which we also did. And we waited. We were called to the OR at 4:35 pm and made it all the way to the doors and were turned back to the room to wait some more as there was an emergency c-section that needed to be done before mine. I definitely was not urgent just very hungry as I had not eaten since the night before at 10 pm. When we were finally called to the OR for the second time it was 8:10 pm as we waited to be wheeled in. What a long day, now for surgery.

Everything went much more smoothly than my c-section with Harrison as far as the spinal and surgery "experience". I was calm and knew what to expect and the anesthesiologist was amazing. The only pain I felt was the initial local anesthetic and even that wasn't bad. The surgery was quick and so was the recovery. There were even some girls that I knew from high school that were the nurses, so I was able to visit and catch up as the feeling came back to my legs.

Heidi (noble) Joelle (God will be willing) arrived into our lives at 8:42 pm weighing a whopping 9 lbs 3 oz and is 21 5/8" long! What a big girl!! She is absolutely beautiful and perfect, I can't take my eyes off of her. She looked just like Harrison when they first showed her to Mike and I, I thought I was having deja vu on the operating table. There are definitlely things about her that are unique though. Her eyes are a much lighter blue than his were and she has light hair! Those were both surprises for us, so we'll see how her eyes and hair end up changing in a few months.

I'll have to write more in a bit as my mother duties are calling, and I gladly go!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Last Day

Wow! It is so hard to believe that today was our last day as a family of three! I really wanted to spend the day with Harrison, sledding or doing whatever makes him happy these days but unfortunately he has not been feeling well and did not feel like doing much today, so we hung out inside and tried to just enjoy the day together.

Over the last week I have been having various levels of anxiety about naming the baby Audrey. I think the name is beautiful and I like the meaning (noble strength) but I just didn't LOVE IT, you know? I have since been reassured by several moms that this is something normal to experience. I didn't think it was "normal" because with Harrison I was sure from the day we decided and never wavered. This was new to me and has been the cause of many sleepless nights this week. Mike and I have now decided on a "new" baby name but are going to wait to meet her tomorrow before making the big announcement. Stay posted for an update soon!

Christmas Eve and Christmas day were wonderful for us. Harrison definitely has the knack of opening gifts now. Last year it was fun to help him and watch his reactions but this year it was hard to keep him out of the gifts that weren't for him - he wanted to help everyone else! My what a difference a year makes!

I am so excited to meet our daughter tomorrow, I know it's going to be hard to sleep tonight! I've loaded up on the sleepytime tea, so I hope that helps. We head into the hospital at 8 am tomorrow morning, but since the OR is not officially "open" we may be waiting around as any emergencies will obviously take priority, as they are running on fewer staff than normal due to the holidays. My brother and his wife are going to be there in the morning with us and my parents will come visit later in the day as we are only allowed 2 visitors at a time because of the H1N1 risk. Also, sadly Harrison cannot come to the hospital at all because of the H1N1. This is sad for me because I know I'll miss him terribly. He'll also have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday to meet his baby sister for the first time. I understand why, but it is still sad for us.

So will she look like me or Mike? Will she have a head full of hair? I made her a cute (not-so-little) headband with a large white daisy on it, can't wait to share our photos! I pray your holidays are going wonderfully for you and your families. Can't wait to start off our new year with another bundle of joy!

Much love,
The Burnetts

Monday, December 21, 2009

False Labor and Numb Hips

Well, only 1 weeksleft to go now until our little family becomes a family of 4! To the heartburn/indigestion I'll add false labor and numb hips to the joys of pregnancy I've been experiencing as of late.

Saturday night I started having contractions around 5:30 pm and I wasn't sure if they were contractions, real or falsies, or what was actually happening. They came on stronger the second round at about 7:45 pm or so, this time shooting across my lower back and radiating into the rest of my pelvis. Pure bliss, let me tell ya! After groaning on the couch for a bit I decided to call one of my best friends since I would consider her a pro at childbirth, having 4 kids herself and assisting many other friends with home deliveries. We talked about what I was experiencing and from what I could tell her she figured I was either in false labor, or early labor. Her advice to me was to start walking as much as I can if I wanted to have the baby. Laughing a little, thinking "I live on a farm, where am I going to walk?" I bundled up in my boots and jacket and headed outside to the farm yard. I walked for about 20 minutes until my legs were a little too chilly to keep going and nothing else was happening. I had a less intense contraction around 10 pm, and that's when I figured that the baby was in no hurry to arrive tonight and that I should try to get some sleep, just in case things progressed later on.

I had 2 more contractions coming nearly exactly 2 hours apart at 12 am and 2 am but after that they stopped. Surprise, surprise, no baby yet, just "false" labor. I don't know what's so false about it, the discomfort is real enough for me!

If sleep isn't already hard enough to come by, no my left hip is completely numb. I try to rub it, or have Mike rub my lower back to see if the feeling will come back but it won't. I am hoping this is sciatia and that it will return to normal after I have the baby because it sure is inconvenient to say the least.

I am praying that either labor will come again and Audrey will arrive before Christmas or that there will not be any labor and we will just walk into the hospital on our scheduled delivery date and have the baby then. Only one more week of waiting...

These days my thoughts are drifiting more towards wondering what Audrey will look like. Will she have lots of hair like Harrison did and look more like Daddy? or will she be bald and fair haired like Mommy when she was a baby? How much will she weigh since Harrison was a whopping 9lbs 12 oz (but I had gestational diabetes with him, not with her). What color will her eyes be? Will they be anything alike in personalities or complete opposites? Will she eat well, will she sleep well? Will breast feeding be easier the second time around? Will my recovery be quicker this time? I'll finally be able to sleep on my tummy again (insert happy dance here!!)

I am also more anxious than last time to be able to start exercising and walking again, once my c-section is healed enough. I've definitely had enough of this pregnancy weight literally hanging around. It makes me a little sad about not being in Texas over the winter since we can walk outside without jackets, mitts and boots, enjoying the fresh air. I am having a hard time adjusting being back in Alberta in that way for sure. Thank goodness Mom & Dad have a treadmill so at least indoor exercise is feasible.

I keep counting down to the baby's arrival and I have been forgetting all about Christmas! Christmas Eve used to be such a big deal for our extended family - a time when I knew I was going to see all my cousins at my Grandma's house, eating amazing Hungarian food, and stay up late so we could open one present on Christmas Eve. I am excited for the new traditions that we'll be able to create with our own little family and with my brother's children when that time comes. This year will be quiet and that's ok. Different, but still ok. I hope all that are reading have a wonderful time with friends and family this holiday season. It is my prayer that you take time to remember the real meaning of Christ-mas, the arrival of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Blessing to you and yours!!
The Burnetts

Friday, December 18, 2009

One week 'til Christmas

For me it's hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner, yet I will be the first to usher in a New Year for sure! Bring on 2010 and all it's blessings! This week has been encouraging as we are another week closer to welcoming Audrey into our family, and another week closer for me to not be pregnant anymore. It really feels like it's been more than 9 months. I find that there are 2 types of women - those with perfectly round baby bellies, no stretch marks and not a pregnancy complaint in the world - and the rest of us! I am definitely not one of those women and as much as experiencing pregnancy is a miracle I am ready to move on to the next step, mothering 2 babies!

When I ask Harrison where his baby sister is he'll lift my shirt and pat my tummy and give her a big licky kiss. It really is sweet. I hope that he is as sweet and receptive with her when she is outside the tummy. He is also learning to identify Santa Claus everywhere. Pictures, wrapping paper, you name it. Very cute!

Today the temperature is above 0C for the third day in a row, so we are going to bundle up and head outside and make some snowmen before the weather turns cold again tomorrow. I think I'll pull him around the yard in his sled and then we'll make a little family of snowmen. Sounds fun!

This week Mike received some great leads for jobs here in Alberta that are starting ASAP, so please continue to pray for his work and the Lord's provision for our family.

With love,

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Very Early Morning

Today I have discovered it is very hard to find something to do at 2:15 in the morning that won't disturb everyone else in the household. I have been wide awake all morning and the internet is the only quiet option that seems to be helping me cope. Only 13 more days until all my time will be filled with middle of the night feedings, but until then what's a girl to do?

I have caught up on blogs that I follow, definitely enjoying reading about other peoples lives in warmer places while our temperatures plument below -20C or worse. It is supposed to "warm up" this week, maybe the snow will melt briefly but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Today I have my second last appointment with Dr. Browne before the big day. I'll see him again next week before my pre-op appointment at the hospital on Christmas Eve. Such a strange time of year to be having a baby - if we could have planned around it, we would have! I know that as parents it has crossed my mind how hard it will be to make sure that Audrey has a special birthday each year that isn't over crowded with Christmas and New Years celebrations. A new parenting challenge indeed!

Please (continue) praying for us as Mike has yet to secure work here or elsewhere. At this point desperation is setting in a little bit and we are willing to go wherever we have to to be able to provide for our family. I will most likely be returning to work in some capacity, so please pray that my former employer will re-hire me in their Lethbridge office so that I can be close to my immediate family. Please also pray for Mike to receive a job offer come January.

Well, I think I am going to sneek back into the bedroom and try to get some shut eye before Harrison sings we awake with his sweet chanting of "mama, mama" in about 3 hours time. Sweet dreams!

Friday, December 11, 2009

New to Digital Scrapbooking

Hey! Here are some of the recent layouts that I've been working on. I am new to digital scrapbooking so I would love some feedback. Thanks for viewing!

Melting Moments, Toffee Bars and Butter Tarts

Sorry it's been over a week since I've last taken the time to update our blog. Maybe nobody noticed?? Both Mike and I really enjoy sharing our lives with our friends and family through this blog and we really enjoy the comments that you leave for us, whether they are just to say hi, some funny commentary, or encouragement. Thanks for reading and for supporting us!!

Only 17 more days left... no, not until Christmas, until our darling daughter arrives! The nesting urge has kicked itself into high gear making me want to wash, sort, clean, and organize everything I can get my hands on. This is not always possible/easy since we are not even living in our own house a the moment. I need to learn that some things are just off limits. I am sure it is driving Michael mad because he can't even put his dirty clothes on the floor for 5 seconds before I am rushing around scooping them up and putting them in the laundry basket. I am so grateful for his patience during my crazy pregnancy stages. Some days it's like I don't even know myself. I can't imagine what my husband thinks/feels!! Thankfully this too shall pass, like the terrible year that we've somehow managed to survive. Oh how we are looking forward to blessings and change in 2010!

I saw the wonderful Dr. Browne yesterday for our weekly appointment and he said everything is looking just fine with Audrey, nothing out of the ordinary to report. On Tuesday I was a bit concerned because I didn't feel her move all day long. I tried drinking a cup of juice, laying down, massaging my tummy and nothing could coax her to give me a little nudge or kick just to let me know she was ok. Finally as I laid down for the night she moved a little bit and I was able to rest knowing she was going to be ok. I went through the same thing with Harrison and actually went to the hospital to get checked out. I am learning that it is fairly common at the end of the pregnancy not to feel them moving as much because they are sleeping more and preparing for the big day and they are just simply out of room to move. Nevertheless, I am very glad that Audrey was back to her semi-active self the next morning.

I forget which morning it was this week, but when Mike, Harrison and I made our way upstairs the temperature was about -35C and the windchill being reported on the radio was -50!! Those are the days you don't even consider going outside. I was just praying our Xterra would be able to start when we needed it to. Yeesh! So much for a "mild" winter in Alberta.

Since we are living on a very tight budget (essential purchases only), my baking this year had to be limited to 2 or 3 selections. As you can tell from the title of this entry I chose to make Melting Moments, which are a cookie that apparently melts in your mouth, Toffee Bars and traditional Butter Tarts. I am hoping to get them done today and I am sure that Harrison will have fun helping Mommy mess up the kitchen.

Let's see, what else is new this week... Some time ago I purchased Photoshop Elements v7 (along with some intensive help books) so that I could learn how to scrapbook digitally. Of course I procrastinated on jumping in and tackling the huge learning curve. Well, now since all my traditional scrapbooking supplies had to stay behind in Texas - until further notice - I've been wanting to scrapbook but didn't have anything to work with, except the new software. I spent a few days downloading tons of freebies from great sites like, and, organizing my photos and files and then I finally did it. I watched a couple video tutorials and jumped into my first layout. Wouldn't you know it, I LOVE IT!! I love it so much in fact that I don't think that I will scrapbook traditionally anymore. The cost is way less, it is faster, easier and more fun/less stress. You virtually can't make a mistake with digital layouts, everything is reusable, resizeable, repositionable, and you can change the color of everything!! WOW! I know it has been around for years but I am new convert and definitely a HUGE fan! I will post some of my new layouts soon.

I think that is enough for today or else I may not have anything to write about for another week!

Happy Holidays,
The Burnetts

Friday, December 4, 2009

24 days and counting!

I had a really great doctors appointment on Thursday, I finally had the chance to meet the doctor who is going to do my c-section for Audrey. Dr. Browne is very personable man, he was raised in Britian and studied in Saskatchewan. He really took the time to talk with me about my situation, my concerns, etc. After discussing the pregnancy with me he decided to set the delivery date for Monday, December 28th. I will find out the exact surgery time in a couple weeks but I am so excited to have a date! YAY!

I mentioned that we were going to take Harrison for his first snow sled ride a couple days ago. After bundling him up nice and warm we strapped him into his new sled and off we went! Mike towed him around the front yard for a couple laps (it's a large farm yard) and then Mike pulled the sled around behind the house near the garden so that Harrison could go down an actual hill. It was so cute to watch him go down the hill and raise his mitten hands in the air, smiling like crazy! I will post some photos as soon as I have a chance to get them uploaded.

Other than that we are enjoying the blizarding weather that most of Alberta is experiencing tonight. Tomorrow we are going to Lethbridge for the Christmas Farmer's Market, very exciting! Thanks again for reading, looking forward to your comments.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Traditions

I love this time of year, especially all the holiday traditions that we celebrate or participate in as a family and/or extended family. What do you and your family do to make the season special?? I was reading about one of my friends on facebook and her and her children practice the 25 days of giving starting December 1st. To them it doesn't have to be financial giving, but giving of simple gifts, time, etc. I think this is a really great way to celebrate the meaning of Christmas with your children and is something I'm considering when our kids are old enough to comprehend the idea.

Part of our Christmas traditions is getting together with my larger extended family on my moms side. Last year it was hosted in Calgary with dinner and a fun gift exchange that included 26 people. We are loud, boisterous, and merry and I love every minute of it. This is something I experienced growing up and desire to share with our kids as well. I love that we always include everyone, in-laws, friends, it doesn't matter, the more the merrier! I will be missing out on these festivities this year because we'll be celebrating the delivery of our daughter! What a wonderful Christmas gift!

Speaking of Audrey, I have my first appointment with the OB tomorrow and since I am only 3.5 weeks away from delivery I am sure that we will discuss the actual date. I am getting anxious for her arrival because each day I am in more and more pain/discomfort. Night time has become very uncomfortable for me and nearly always sleepless. I am so glad that I have Mike at home right now to help manage Harrison during the day so that I am still able to get a little rest here and there. All part of preparing me for the newborn experience I am sure. In some regards it does not seem like it was 19 months ago that we had Harrison but in other ways it feels like only yesterday. I am so excited to see how he will be and how he will interact with Audrey. My instincts tell me that he will hardly notice her until she can "do" stuff with him, but I am a bit leary about the jealousy factor. I hope that he can remain the sweet boy that he has been so far and that "sharing" mommy won't be much of an issue.

I am looking forward to spending some time with my very good friend Jill before she heads off to Tahiti to spend 5 glorious weeks with her husband. Some of you will be thinking "must be nice" but let me reassure you that those two have earned every minute together in paradise. Jill and Jaco were married in Namibia this summer but then had to spend months apart before seeing each other again briefly. She is also winning the fight against lymphoma right now and has been a complete inspiration to me with her positive attitude. They deserve all the happiness in the world and I'm sure being together in Tahiti won't hurt!!

Tonight I am trying to do the impossible task of picking out only a few Christmas baking recipes so that I can get my ingredients tomorrow. Everything looks and/or sounds so good that it's hard to only pick a few to make. I am sure whatever I make will be appreciated right? So how can I go wrong!

I'll let you know about the delivery date and the selected recipes soon! Thanks for reading!

Much love always,