Sunday, October 30, 2011


It's finally official.  The Burnett family has been ESTABLISHED in Abilene, TX!  Since Mike and I have been married we have always had part of our possessions divided - in another country, another city or another house.  After 4 years we finally have all we own under one roof. More importantly it is in a house in the city that God has called us to.  I will admit that it will be very, VERY nice to have a full arsenal of kitchen devices at my disposal, but this last move was FAR more significant than that.

I believe that finally having all parts of our lives in unity that we are unlocking an important spiritual key for our lives.  We shall see as things are revealed in the new season!

Now for sorting, selling and re-packing!!

Te amo mucho gusto,

Yes, slightly overwhelming

stuff galore!

boxes anyone?

way taller than my little people!

So grateful to have a path to the door!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Falling Behind...

What a summer!! I believe I heard several times that it was the hottest summer in Texas and replaced the record from 50 years ago.  That's HOT!  I think that we had 40+ days over 100 F.  So grateful that we have dipped consistently back into the double digit numbers, again. Thank you Lord!  We've even had a little rain - pair that with cool weather and we have green grass. Just in time for fall. How strange for this northern girl!

The mornings recently have been delightfully cool and crisp and have reminded me of autumn in Alberta.  I consider it a small kiss from God.  The season changes are something I miss most about Alberta.  Although I am happy to experience autumn now without the dreaded 6 months of pending winter & snow!

There have been many, many, many, MANY, changes in our life over this summer that I am excited to catch you up on.  I just need to keep repeating "I will sit down and write. I will sit down and write" so that I don't have to do it all at once.

Since my last post was dated in June I will try to summarize chronologically:

June & July:

We really just hung out at home, in the AC because it was way too hot to take little ones outside for very long.  By the time we were awake it was already 88-90F.  At the end of June we moved to a different house, still in Abilene.  We are literally 2 blocks away from Champions Church, which we love! I continued to train with my friend Amanda for a triathlon that we did together in San Angelo, TX on July 10.  I had a wonderful time; it felt so good to compete again! I did not have a road bike, so that is not a decision I will repeat ever again, but it was a fun race to ease back into triathlon again.

race prep, 6:20 am

getting body marked, #71

so glad to have a friend to race with!

pre-race meeting

Lake Nasworthy, San Angelo, TX

I attended a Discipleship class all summer, a worship conference and a women's conference, all wonderful and time well invested.


I started volunteering at our church as an administrative assistant, which was really a much answered prayer for me.  Being at home all day, every day without an adult outlet (since Mike is not home) was really "getting" to me, so I had been considering if I should return to work.  I really didn't feel like that was the right thing, and when the opportunity to volunteer at the church opened up it really made sense to me!  I absolutely love it there, it is just the right amount of time for me to be out of the home.

So with that, we had to find someone to care for the children while I was away.  We hired a lovely young mom from Oklahoma and the kids really loved her! We all loved having her baby, Grace, around too!

We made the decision to start Harrison in pre-K at Champions Christian Academy, which was really hard on me emotionally.  I wasn't sure I was ready to "let go" yet, but he was definitely ready for more than just Mommy could offer.  Now two months down the road I can confidently say it was the best decision we could have made for him!  He is thriving in his small class of 4 other children.  He is loved on, encouraged and stretched in all areas of life.  He loves going to school and looks forward to it every morning!

In August I made the commitment to attend school for myself.  I really felt God tugging at my heart strings to reach for the higher things of God and to go deeper in my understanding of His love.  I was accepted into the TSSM (Transformation School of Supernatural Ministry), which began classes in September.  I love it there.  I cannot begin to describe the process I am going through, but I am becoming a sold-out lover of Jesus who will pay any price to see Heaven on Earth!

On August 13, Mike and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary!  It is really, really hard to believe how much we have been through in 4 years.  It was hard being apart that day but Mike spoiled me with beautiful flowers and money to pamper myself.  He's so amazing!  Michael Burnett, I love you more that I did 4 years ago!


Harrison and I started school. I started working at our church. Hillary started as our nanny.  Life got very busy very quickly!  I sincerely thank the Lord every day for how smoothly we all transitioned into our new roles and environments.  I was concerned about how Heidi would feel being left at home without her big brother but she did so well.  Having Hillary's daughter here was such a blessing.  Days and weeks went by so fast, I can't believe that we are already nearing the end of October!

first day of school

first day of school

first day of school

with teacher, Ms. TIffany

literally crashed in mid play after his first day!

We attended an amazing intensive in Dallas called Re_Orient, taught by Kevin & Michelle Weaver.  It was held Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the NYLO hotel, Los Colinas.  This was an amazing experience, done in excellence and really encouraged Mike and I to pursue the Kingdom as disciples together.

Harrison swimming @ NYLO

pool area

cool egg-shaped beds


My honey!

Mike returned to work from Dallas, back to Oregon.  He is doing really well at work, just tired of being away for his family for such long periods at a time.  We miss him greatly and can't wait for God to open the door to something better for all of us! We know He will do it because He is faithful and loves us with an everlasting love. He really wants the VERY best for the Burnett Family!

That was pretty much our summer in a nutshell.  I look forward to writing more as the season changes yet again.  There is so much to share, so many praise reports of what God is doing in us, through us, and in Abilene.

Until next time...

Love & Blessings,