Monday, January 4, 2010

Change on the Horizon

I am so happy to report that my recovery from the c-section is going better, now that I've had more rest. I still can't sleep in the bed, it hurts too much to get up on my own, but thankfully there is a very comfy recliner that I've been making good use of. Heidi and I have been hanging out in the basement living room, snuggling, feeding, and sleeping. I love her round little face and pouty lips. She is spending more time awake each day and opening her eyes more often to glance around. I know I am blessed to have such a happy and content baby. She is sleeping well already, 3-4 hours at a time between feedings.

Harrison is growing up so fast! Since Heidi came home he has added some new words to his vocabulary - up, down and more. These are great words that are helping our communication with him, I am so happy! Today when he saw Heidi for the first time this morning he gave her a sweet kiss. That doesn't mean that he was nice to her all day long but it's a huge step in the right direction! He is going to be such an awesome big brother for her, just as his daddy is to his sisters.

Before Christmas Mike went out to Pincher Creek for a job interview. He is being considered for a site managers position at a wind farm, a position he has desired for a couple years now. Today he received a call from the employer to let him know they have the ball rolling on his work permit etc! What great news! We have prayed and waited and prayed some more since March for a new career position to come his way, and finally today we feel those prayers have been answered. Thank you Jesus! Our understanding is there is one final formality for Mike to meet the corporate manager and then he can start work. This will mean our final relocation will land us in Pincher Creek, Alberta.

Pincher Creek is a quiet little town of about 3,000 people nestled into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It is about 40 minutes west of my parents farm, an hour from my brothers home, and about 2.5 hours from Calgary. Mike and I are very excited about this new adventure. Right now we are praying for a house to become available for rent because there isn't a single one at the moment! I know that God is faithful and since he has provided the job, he will provide the house, too. We are still waiting for our house in Abilene to sell, so please pray for that as well. It will be interesting to see how all of this works out, I know that God's timing is perfect! We can't wait to settle into a new church community, meet new friends and get settled in. It has been a long time since we have been able to just have friends over for dinner - it is the simple things in life that we miss the most by not having a place to call our own.

We look forward to sharing more good news with you soon!

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  1. You lucky girl! Only 1/2 an hour from Waterton... If only there was a Physician position in Pincher! :o) I can't wait to come & visit!!! You'll have to meet up with Karen! Between you & Karen & Ilo & Collet, I feel like a misguided matchmaker or something! Anyhow, gratitude for Mike's job! Whoo hoo!!! xxxx