Thursday, January 21, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Good morning! I pray that this post finds you happy, healthy and bright-eyed this beautiful day. Last night there was a very thick fog rolling in when we went to bed and this morning we woke up to the most beautiful frost! I grabbed my camera and quickly took some snaps outside as Ginger did her "duties", and then rushed back inside to the warmth and my 2 crying babies. Mike is at work today so I am alone with the kiddos and stretched a little thin when everyone needs me at one time, including the dog. Such is the life of a stay-at-home mommy!
Not much planned for today, just keeping everyone changed, fed and happy. I love my job (most days)! This weekend we are off to Cochrane early Saturday morning to visit with our great friends, Paul & Cindy Janzen, for the weekend. We'll return Sunday afternoon in time to have dinner with my brother and his wife and my parents to celebrate Blair's new job. It is more than a new job for him, it is the first step towards his new career! I am so proud of him, he and Danielle had to make a very tough decision, especially in today's economic climate... they had to decide if he could take a pay cut in order to get his foot in the door for an apprenticeship for heavy duty mechanic. He'll work for a year then go to school for a couple months and then return to work, repeating this cycle for 4 years until he has completed his hours as a journeyman. Blair is an extremely talented mechanic - he has taken apart numerous vehicles, engines, etc and completely modified several vehicles into something new/different. It is easy for him and I know he is going to be very successful. I am so glad they are making the sacrifice to enjoy the benefits later down the road. Way to go Blair (and Danielle, too!)
We have been blessed with an extra week of work for Mike before he officially starts his new position on February 1, so today marks the first day of many that I will be solo at the house. I am looking forward to this change in our family dynamic. Don't get me wrong, it has been amazing having my husband home to help out on a daily basis and quite honestly I don't know where I'd be without him, especially with recovering from the c-section. This is the next step though and I am ready. I know I wouldn't be wrong in saying WE are ready. It is something I've said before but I am so grateful that God made my husband a hard worker, and Mike is definitely ready to get back to work. I know he is created to accomplish something everyday and to provide for his family and I praise God that Mike is getting that opportunity again.
Please continue praying for our houses to sell, they are so close!! Prayer is also needed for a house for us to rent in Pincher Creek. Thank you for stopping in, reading, praying, and leaving us your comments!

Up close and personal

frost crystals

Frosty farm

This is not a hill, it is a snow drift! And yes, that is
a truck & boat in the background!!


Sledding with Daddy

Olympic swag


Sneaking a kiss!


  1. How did I miss this post? Anyhow, like the new blog template & love the Olympic swag. How did I miss out on that too?? One day I'll get to someplace exciting for awesome swag... do you think they give away boots at the Venice Film Festival??? :o) A girl's gotta dream! Anyhow, off to bed & hope you are enjoying your hubby in Canada! I know all about missing husbands! It's 1 a.m. - do you know where your husband is?!? :o) Can't wait to visit in the new home!!! xxx

  2. ooooh!!! I see a blog patrol! oh yeah!!! xxxx