Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Making Progress

If you look closely there are many ways we as a little family are making progress every day, and I am grateful for each and every step we take forward! Harrison is becoming a proud big brother, instead of a jealous little boy. I am so proud of him!! It is definitely an answer to our prayers. Now when Heidi squeaks or cries he says "uh-oh" in his concerned little voice, sort of like saying "Mommy is she ok?" It's really sweet. Much better than trying to hit her when I'm trying to nurse her, that's for sure!

This week we expect Mike to meet with his new boss to finalize their contract which is really exciting news. We have been without income since last March, so to say we are thrilled would be a huge understatement. We have found a house to rent (another answered prayer) but we need to bring in an income first so that we can pay our first months rent and deposit. Our prayer now is that it will still be available once we have the money. After that we will figure out how to get our stuff from Texas to Alberta - one step at a time!

After much deliberation and debate Mike and I have made the decision for me to return back to work. There are several reasons for this decision but the number one reason is because the cost of living in Alberta is so much more than in Texas. We are essentially starting from scratch again. We'd like to own a house again one day but that is going to take time. The company I worked for before moving to Texas is hiring for my position in their Lethbridge office so please pray that they will hire me back. I contacted my old boss and officially submitted my application/resume today, it was such a hard step to take! The posting closes on January 31, so I am praying for an interview within the next two weeks. My heart is torn because Heidi was just born and I feel like she is still so vulnerable and small. I am terrified to put her into child care but it is something we have weighed heavily. Please pray for our transition as a family as we make this giant change in our life. I pray for affordable Christian child care to be available once we are ready. I know the Lord will provide this for us too!

Thanks for reading and thank you for your prayers! We love you all!

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