Friday, October 23, 2009

Thoughts on leaving and coming home

It has been 50 days since I have seen my husband and since Harrison has seen his Daddy in person. Of course we have web chatted when the time has allowed but it definitely is not the same. We are ready to go home. I am ready to go HOME. It is funny how I have spent 26 years of my life in Alberta and 2.5 years in Texas but now I feel like Texas is my home. Home really is where your heart is, and my heart is with my husband Michael, no matter where in Texas we are.

I am ready to go back and to get ready for the arrival of our baby girl. She is getting bigger and bigger and so am I. It seems like this pregnancy has taken forever, but that's probably because we knew about it almost from day 1. I am ready to paint her room, buy a crib and dresser (looking for a white set if you know anyone selling one!), and to get her clothes washed and put away. Although we have spent so much time with my parents I am glad that they have decided to come down to Texas for Christmas anyways so that they can be present for the birth of Audrey. That is very special since they live 1800+ miles away.

We have moved yet again. I think the Lord is trying to change my mind about moving because I really don't like it. I grew up in the same house I was born in for 18 years until I went to university so moving was never part of my life; it feels like we haven't stopped moving since I came to Texas. I know this isn't our last move, but I hope that it is our second to last move. I have always sentimental about having our "forever" home, and I truly pray that the Lord will answer that desire one day.

As for leaving the farm... *SIGH*... We have had a really great time here outside of missing Daddy. Grandpa and Grandma have both been so awesome helping out with Harrison, teaching him new things, and exploring everything around the farm with him. I know it has been a joy for them seeing Harrison in his everyday life and nothing else will replace the squeal and huge smile he gives them everyday when they get home from work. They have helped us out so much there is no way that we could ever repay them and I know that they don't expect us to. It is my hope that we have taken enough videos and pictures that Harrison will remember his time here even though he is so young. It has been so nice to just call up my brother and sister-in-law to go to a movie, or invite them over for dinner. Those are things that simply can't be replaced in Texas.

We have made some good memories while we've been in Alberta but I know that more are yet to come. It is not the end, just the end of this "visit". Bitter sweet but worth every minute. We can't wait to see you on Tuesday Daddy!

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