Thursday, October 22, 2009


God is SO good and faithful even when I falter and want to give up hope; He is there waiting to catch me when I fall! This week has been an amazing breakthrough for our life situation and I just want to share and praise with you!

I have been "panicking" so to speak. Call it pregnancy hormones, the need to nest, I don't know what it is, but I have been so worried lately that I wasn't going to make it back to Texas before the pregnancy DO NOT FLY deadline, which is rapidly approaching. I am 30 weeks this week, only 8 more to go and we will be welcoming our daughter! Every way we looked at our "situation" which we having loving come to call our train wreck, there seemed to be no end in sight, no hope that things were going to change, even though in my heart I knew better. The reality of it all just wasn't very pretty.

Well praise God that he is bigger than all things, especially the ones that seem impossible!! This week several HUGE events occured that have opened the door wide open for Harrison and I to return to Texas. The biggest stumbling block was that Mike still didn't have a job. I want to clarify this - my husband is NOT a lazy man, in fact he is the furthest thing from it. Mike can take pride in whatever he's doing and he has always worked as if he is working for the Lord, no matter what the task. This is something I really admire and love about him. I am so proud to be his wife! He has looked high and low for work, all kinds of jobs from wind turbine careers to Wal-Mart and NOTHING has fallen into place - until now. This week Mike went to Abilene for an interview with a communications company that is opening a store in Brownwood, which is where we will now call home. After the interview the good news came... "the job is yours if you want it!" Music to our ears and sweet blessings to our family!! He attended a orientation directly after his interview and was able to start work immediately, in fact, he is out working in Brownwood today!

Not only did the job fall into place, but after WEEKS of trying to figure out how we could afford new carpet for the house we are moving into, friends of ours from Alberta incredibly blessed us by paying for part of the cost! Mike's Memaw also recognized our need for healthy, clean carpet for our babies and paid the remainder of the cost. We have been so blessed!! The carpet was installed yesterday and looks amazing! Please understand that it's not that we wanted new carpet. The old stuff (30 years+) was worn paper thin and severely stained to a point nobody should be living on it. This was another HUGE barrier for us to come home because we needed to know we had a safe place for Harrison and Audrey to play and live. Thank you Father!

After 7 months of hoping and praying for work, watching our savings dwindling down to nearly nothing we are so excited that the Lord has seen our need and answered our prayers! His timing is perfect. There are so many situations where we would have gone wrong, or chose a different path if a job had come sooner etc. but He knew and delivered us exactly when we needed it!

One more item of praise is that Harrison and I were able to get a flight home immediately instead of having to wait until November 10th. The prices just seemed to be excalating every day that I looked and low and behold yesterday they dropped from $600+ to $202!! So we are able to fly home sooner for much less money. Amazing!!

I want to personally thank all our friends and family for being there for us during this trying and challenging time. I wish I could say that we handled every step of the way with faith and perseverance but I know that we had our moments where we stumbled. Mike and I have however grown more in love through the distance, we have a new appreciation for Gods timing and His blessings. We know that God has used our friends and family to work miracles through. Thank you for being His vessels!! Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words. This would have been a VERY dark road to travel without being surrounded by such awesome people. We love you!!


  1. oh wow! that is soooo amazing. i am so thrilled that things have worked out for yall. oh that is so great. and how wonderful that you get to live in memaw's house. again, i am so sorry that my stuff is in your way. i feel really horrible about it.

    so elated for yall.

    love you both!

  2. Everyone that is a Christian I know seem to be traveling down a dark road right now, God is working miracles! I am so happy and encouraged by your testimony! I know God has an answer for our life situation too! I'll keep you guys in prayer as well. Love you guys!