Saturday, October 3, 2009

Snow Day!

Last night Harrison and Mommy had a date night at home while Grandma and Grandpa went out with Uncle Bob & Aunty Dianna to celebrate Grandma and Bob's birthdays. Grandma's birthday is actually this Wednesday, so we are going to have to think of something special we can do to surprise her.

For our "date" last night I made banana bran muffins with Harrison. He stood very nicely on a big chair next to the mixer while I poured all the ingredients in. He loved watching everything get blended together, and was particularly thrilled when we started pouring the mixture into the muffin tin. I think his most favorite part was watching them grow and bake in the oven! Wish I had a picture of his little face pressed up against the oven window.

After a yummy breakfast of fresh muffins this morning we jumped in the truck with Grandpa and drove up to the mountains to help Uncle Blair and Aunty Danielle collect their firewood for the winter. As we got closer to the mountains it started to rain a little bit and as we climbed higher it started to snow! Along the way to their campsite we had to stop for some ranchers that were moving their cattle in for the winter. Harrison was pointing and squealing because the cows were all over the road. Very fun!

As the snow started to fall

Cattle round up

Once we arrived Grandpa, Uncle Blair and his friend John went with quads and the truck/trailer to go cut down the dead trees while Harrison, & I, Aunty Danielle and John's wife Marla stayed in the camping trailer and kept warm as we watched the snow come down faster and faster. The snow flakes were getting bigger and bigger and soon the trailer was full of wood and it was time to head home, AFTER we put on Harrison's snowsuit and played in the fresh snow!!

With the first flakes of snow falling on his face Harrison let out a huge squeal! He kept looking up trying to figure out what was this snow and where it was coming from. It was perfect sticky snow for snowballs and snowmen. Here is Harrison's first snowman! We had such a fun day in the mountains.

First time in snow!

First snowman

Mmmmm! You can eat this stuff?

At the trailer with Uncle and Aunty

On the quad ride with Uncle Blair

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