Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big Boots to Fill

So, the play group went ok yesterday morning. It is held in a classroom at a local elementary school in a good size room with lots of stations. There is a mini kitchen, a large table for crafts, a reading area, a water station, a foamie block area for smaller babies and another area for miscellaneous toys. I don't know if yesterday was a "regular" sized turn out but I found it very crowded. There were 12 mothers and several had 2 kids with them, so I think there were close to 20 toddlers.

I didn't end up getting any pictures this time because I was kept very busy making sure Harrison was playing nicely. He was great with the other kids, it was more the toys I had to keep an eye on. If he wasn't trying to "borrow" a toy from someone else (always a tractor, imagine that!), then he was putting the non-water toys in the water station or in his mouth.

Harrison loves water any way he can get it. In a sippy cup, from the garden hose, in the tub, in the sink or pool. If he can play with it or drink it (or both!) he is a happy camper. So, of course, the first station he spotted was the water station. It is a big tub with cups and water toys and a gravity drain that spins its wheels as water is poured in it. This thoroughly fascinated Harrison except when the other kids poured the water in he would grab it and tip it towards him to try to watch where all the water was going! This was really fun for him but the other children didn't think so, so I gently tried to coax him away from the water for a bit. It's always a good time to learn about sharing and moderation.

For the most part I just let him explore the room and only interjected when he wasn't being a little gentleman. Oh, and when he tried to eat a big glob of play dough! I really wish I could have had my camera out for that. We had some other ups and downs, like snack time. They made the kids crackers, cheese and sausage for snack with a glass of milk and since Harrison is allergic to dairy, I said no thank you to the milk and took the cheese off the plate right away. This did not go over well and everyone had the beautiful opportunity to listen to Harrison cry while they had their snack. Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow goes better. We'll give it one more shot and hopefully get some pictures too.

Other than that I just spent some time taking pictures of Harrison inside for the last couple of days since it has been too cold to really go outside. This morning when we came upstairs it ws -2C/28F. The first ones are a couple of him in his new snowsuit. He wasn't quite sure what to think of it!

I love this second set of photos! Here is Harrison trying on Grandpa's cowboy boots and hat. He REALLY wasn't sure about the hat, but I finally managed to grab some cute shots! Can't wait to scrapbook theses.

big boots

very big hat

no more pictures please

And last but not any less cute, here are some pics of Harrison driving his "big truck" around the living room. Well kind of. Every time I went to take the picture he would stop and step off, so here he is posing for me. Hope y'all had a good week and are ready for the weekend! Blessings!

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