Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome Heidi Joelle!

Last I wrote we were heading to the hospital the next morning to meet our daughter. Mike and I were told to arrive at 8:00 am, which we did and then we were told to wait, which we also did. And we waited. We were called to the OR at 4:35 pm and made it all the way to the doors and were turned back to the room to wait some more as there was an emergency c-section that needed to be done before mine. I definitely was not urgent just very hungry as I had not eaten since the night before at 10 pm. When we were finally called to the OR for the second time it was 8:10 pm as we waited to be wheeled in. What a long day, now for surgery.

Everything went much more smoothly than my c-section with Harrison as far as the spinal and surgery "experience". I was calm and knew what to expect and the anesthesiologist was amazing. The only pain I felt was the initial local anesthetic and even that wasn't bad. The surgery was quick and so was the recovery. There were even some girls that I knew from high school that were the nurses, so I was able to visit and catch up as the feeling came back to my legs.

Heidi (noble) Joelle (God will be willing) arrived into our lives at 8:42 pm weighing a whopping 9 lbs 3 oz and is 21 5/8" long! What a big girl!! She is absolutely beautiful and perfect, I can't take my eyes off of her. She looked just like Harrison when they first showed her to Mike and I, I thought I was having deja vu on the operating table. There are definitlely things about her that are unique though. Her eyes are a much lighter blue than his were and she has light hair! Those were both surprises for us, so we'll see how her eyes and hair end up changing in a few months.

I'll have to write more in a bit as my mother duties are calling, and I gladly go!!

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