Friday, December 11, 2009

Melting Moments, Toffee Bars and Butter Tarts

Sorry it's been over a week since I've last taken the time to update our blog. Maybe nobody noticed?? Both Mike and I really enjoy sharing our lives with our friends and family through this blog and we really enjoy the comments that you leave for us, whether they are just to say hi, some funny commentary, or encouragement. Thanks for reading and for supporting us!!

Only 17 more days left... no, not until Christmas, until our darling daughter arrives! The nesting urge has kicked itself into high gear making me want to wash, sort, clean, and organize everything I can get my hands on. This is not always possible/easy since we are not even living in our own house a the moment. I need to learn that some things are just off limits. I am sure it is driving Michael mad because he can't even put his dirty clothes on the floor for 5 seconds before I am rushing around scooping them up and putting them in the laundry basket. I am so grateful for his patience during my crazy pregnancy stages. Some days it's like I don't even know myself. I can't imagine what my husband thinks/feels!! Thankfully this too shall pass, like the terrible year that we've somehow managed to survive. Oh how we are looking forward to blessings and change in 2010!

I saw the wonderful Dr. Browne yesterday for our weekly appointment and he said everything is looking just fine with Audrey, nothing out of the ordinary to report. On Tuesday I was a bit concerned because I didn't feel her move all day long. I tried drinking a cup of juice, laying down, massaging my tummy and nothing could coax her to give me a little nudge or kick just to let me know she was ok. Finally as I laid down for the night she moved a little bit and I was able to rest knowing she was going to be ok. I went through the same thing with Harrison and actually went to the hospital to get checked out. I am learning that it is fairly common at the end of the pregnancy not to feel them moving as much because they are sleeping more and preparing for the big day and they are just simply out of room to move. Nevertheless, I am very glad that Audrey was back to her semi-active self the next morning.

I forget which morning it was this week, but when Mike, Harrison and I made our way upstairs the temperature was about -35C and the windchill being reported on the radio was -50!! Those are the days you don't even consider going outside. I was just praying our Xterra would be able to start when we needed it to. Yeesh! So much for a "mild" winter in Alberta.

Since we are living on a very tight budget (essential purchases only), my baking this year had to be limited to 2 or 3 selections. As you can tell from the title of this entry I chose to make Melting Moments, which are a cookie that apparently melts in your mouth, Toffee Bars and traditional Butter Tarts. I am hoping to get them done today and I am sure that Harrison will have fun helping Mommy mess up the kitchen.

Let's see, what else is new this week... Some time ago I purchased Photoshop Elements v7 (along with some intensive help books) so that I could learn how to scrapbook digitally. Of course I procrastinated on jumping in and tackling the huge learning curve. Well, now since all my traditional scrapbooking supplies had to stay behind in Texas - until further notice - I've been wanting to scrapbook but didn't have anything to work with, except the new software. I spent a few days downloading tons of freebies from great sites like, and, organizing my photos and files and then I finally did it. I watched a couple video tutorials and jumped into my first layout. Wouldn't you know it, I LOVE IT!! I love it so much in fact that I don't think that I will scrapbook traditionally anymore. The cost is way less, it is faster, easier and more fun/less stress. You virtually can't make a mistake with digital layouts, everything is reusable, resizeable, repositionable, and you can change the color of everything!! WOW! I know it has been around for years but I am new convert and definitely a HUGE fan! I will post some of my new layouts soon.

I think that is enough for today or else I may not have anything to write about for another week!

Happy Holidays,
The Burnetts

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