Friday, December 4, 2009

24 days and counting!

I had a really great doctors appointment on Thursday, I finally had the chance to meet the doctor who is going to do my c-section for Audrey. Dr. Browne is very personable man, he was raised in Britian and studied in Saskatchewan. He really took the time to talk with me about my situation, my concerns, etc. After discussing the pregnancy with me he decided to set the delivery date for Monday, December 28th. I will find out the exact surgery time in a couple weeks but I am so excited to have a date! YAY!

I mentioned that we were going to take Harrison for his first snow sled ride a couple days ago. After bundling him up nice and warm we strapped him into his new sled and off we went! Mike towed him around the front yard for a couple laps (it's a large farm yard) and then Mike pulled the sled around behind the house near the garden so that Harrison could go down an actual hill. It was so cute to watch him go down the hill and raise his mitten hands in the air, smiling like crazy! I will post some photos as soon as I have a chance to get them uploaded.

Other than that we are enjoying the blizarding weather that most of Alberta is experiencing tonight. Tomorrow we are going to Lethbridge for the Christmas Farmer's Market, very exciting! Thanks again for reading, looking forward to your comments.

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