Saturday, February 12, 2011

Romance On the Town

Ahhhhhh... last night romance was in the air! Mike and I got all dressed up and headed out for a night, which honestly almost never happens.  Not the night out part, but certainly the all dressed up-night out part.  I found a fabulous dress for $14.99 at ROSS last minute. It wasn't there last time I looked, so they must have just came in. Can you believe that a dress can be $14.99, regular price? I love that store!

The Valentine's banquet was delightful.  It was awesome to see everyone dressed so nicely, and to enjoy a night out together, specifically dedicated to celebrating marriage.  The dinner was delish, although I did not eat most of it.  I "unstuffed" my chicken breast, and that was about all I could have.  It was still divine.  We dined and then danced the night away.  I will say that Mike is pretty much terrified of dancing, so we didn't do much other than a couple slow dances which is just fine by me.  It was so refreshing to spend a night out with dear friends and my love. I can't wait to do it again!

Rod & Beth, friends at our table

Nathan & Jesiree, friends at our table

Mike & I

Thomas & Amity

Amity & I

Michael & Kim, friends from Connect Group

Jesiree & I

new friends, Sarita and Elvis

great friends of our, Charlie & Amy

Mike & I

We even came away with $20 to one of Mike's
favorite restaurants!

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  1. Wowser! HOTTIE!!! You look stunning my dear friend! Love you! Happy Heart Day! xxxx