Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowed In

I would have wrote sooner, but we've been snowed in all week!! In Texas!! This is a crazy experience for me.  Monday afternoon was a beautiful 75 degrees!  On Monday evening it started to rain, then pour. We had a pretty amazing thunder storm for a few hours, then the temperature dropped drastically and it began to snow.  By Tuesday morning we had about 6 inches of snow cover!  Since the temperatures have been so bad (averaging around 18F), the snow has stayed all week.  Schools have been cancelled, many stores closed and not many people were able to go to work.  Our whole city practically shut down! I can't help but giggle a bit because what is so abnormal for Abilene is just another (fairly mild, I may add) day in Alberta.

Mike's sister, Randa, was scheduled to substitute teach this week at a school near us and came to stay so that she wouldn't have to drive as far in the bad weather.  It was a fun week for us because school ended up being cancelled every day, so we hung out with Randa all week! We all had fun playing and spending time with her, especially Harrison and Heidi.

The pipes in our kitchen have been frozen since Tuesday night, probably since they are on an outside wall of the house.  I'm kind of getting the idea of what it was like to "go fetch the water" in the old days.  We've had to get water from the bathroom at the other end of the house for any kitchen related needs.  We lost internet from Tuesday until late Thursday afternoon.  There have also been scheduled or rolling power outages so that the extra power usage wouldn't crash the grid.  Fun times!

No, we did not go out and make snowmen with our kids.  I opened the back patio door and dipped Harrison upside down into the snow and that was enough for him. Besides - who has snow suits in Texas? Ours are still packed away in our storage room in Cochrane, Alberta!

We've watched movies, played with Play-doh, and started re-watching LOST.  You can never go wrong with LOST!  We're all getting cabin fever though and need to get out soon.  Hopefully the forecast stays above freezing for Saturday.  Then all the headache, I mean snow, will melt away.

Here's to sunnier days!! Soon!


Daddy being silly with Play-doh

Harrison posing! Yes, his hair looks like a mohawk!

huge icicles

frontyard snow

backyard snow with animal tracks leading under the shed... yikes!

more backyard snow

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  1. Oh boy! I hope it's melting by now! Nice to see your yard! :o) Hope to see it in person one day! Along with you!!! Stay warm & I'll send some sunshine & heat your way! xxxx Aunty Jill