Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beyond Blessed

How are you? We're doing great, except it's been too cold in Texas for about 2 weeks now!  We are just hanging out at the house, doing the family thing while Mike waits to hear where he'll be off to work next.

So, I have a great God story {a.k.a. testimony}to share with you... We were sitting at home yesterday, hiding from the cold, when I got a phone call from the organizer of our church Valentine's Banquet.  Previously Mike and I had decided not to go for many reasons, but mainly because we are trying to be very strict with our budget.  Add to the list that I am on a VLCD (very low calorie diet) and cannot eat what is being prepared, AND we don't have any formal clothes here. Everything we own is still in storage in Canada. **sigh**  

So the fabulous organizer calls me and says that 2 tickets have been donated, and she really felt like they were for Mike and I... would we consider going?  We talked it over and the clothing issue was really frustrating both of us.  We both know that you don't have to dress formal, but we are the kind of people that if we are given the chance to dress up, we love it!  So we were both pretty excited about the blessings of the tickets but didn't know what we would wear, or who we could find last minute to watch over the kiddos (keeping the budget in mind, of course.)

Well let me tell you what! God provided everything!  We are going to the banquet! We have a free sitter and people have lent us clothing! Crazy!!  So grateful that Mike and I have learned to lay our pride aside and accept help and generosity from people when they offer. It's a wonderful blessing to both us as the receivers, as well as the givers.  Boy are we grateful!

I am so very excited about getting dressed up pretty, going somewhere elegant (Fairway Oaks Country Club), just my love and me.  And I can't wait to gush all about it!!


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  1. Nice! Nice scrap book pics, too! Will have to learn how to do that stuff some day. Hope you guys are recovering from the snow down there. Pam xoxox :)

  2. Happy for your good fortune! Cute pic! xxxx