Saturday, January 1, 2011

A 2011 Facelift

Don't leave!! You have the right site!  I've just decided to do a bit of sprucing up around the ol' place.  What do you think?  I really like the new look. Fresh. Clean. More me.  I also wanted to reflect more of myself on the blog.  Initially when I started blogging it was more of a "journal" of my day to day life, mostly focused on our children.  Don't get me wrong - I will still have plenty to write about our kiddos, but I want to be able to include other topics without feeling I am getting off topic... does that make sense to anyone other than me?

I also wanted to change the web address to ( but I don't yet know how to do it without losing my followers, or all my posts, widgets, etc. I have created it, so it's out there but it may be awhile before the address changes. So keep coming back here until further notice.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you!  Mike and I had a lovely, quiet evening all alone and it was wonderful.  We smooched at midnight, finished our movie, and went to bed.  Ahhhhhhh. Bliss!

We spent most of Jan 1 in our jammies, cleaned the house up a little {or messed it up a little depending on who you are} and just hung out.  We are not sure at this point when Mike will head back to work or where he's off to next, so we are enjoying every minute with him while we have him home.

I only have one day left until my triathlon training kicks into high gear.  Since August it has been in no gear so I am sure this will be a shock to my system!  Last year was my first triathlon "season" if you could call it that.  It consisted of 2 months of dedicated workouts, followed by 2 months of slacking (aka doing nothing), followed by a very pathetic and sad effort in my first race.  I learned TONS from that experience though, the number 1 thing being that no one is going to get me from A to B to C except me.  When you are out in the middle of the lake, only you can get you back to the transition.  Same goes with my training.  Last year I did it all alone. It sucked. I didn't know what I was doing. So I gave up. And I paid for it come race day. At least I didn't quit there, thank you Jesus!

This year things are going to be very, very different for me.  I will have a virtual coach through BeginnerTriathlete, as well as a virtual training team made up of a few newbies and lots of veterans.  I will make the most of their experience and learn as much as possible! I am starting with a 12 week sprint training plan and as my base fitness improves I will continue with a bridge program that will take me into training for the Olympic distance race.  I am very excited and it all starts January 3! Soon!

In the meantime I attended a Boot Camp class 3 days ago and I still can't walk properly. You think I'm joking, but I'm not. It was tough. And I'll go back for more.  I now know that my ab muscles are somewhere under that baby belly. My legs are bound to recover just in time for another beating, um, I mean workout.

What are some of your goals for 2011? Drop me a note in the comments box, I'd love to cheer you on in your own "race"!


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  1. LOVE the new look!!!! Awesome!!! And LOVE that you're getting back into the swing of it! So proud of you! And btw, You did AMAZING at your first triathlon!!!! There was A LOT on your plate at that moment in time! I'm impressed you even showed up, let alone completed it!!!!! Give yourself some (a lot) of credit!!! Can't wait for this year & all the amazing things you'll do!!! Much love & hugs... Aunty Jill xxxx (ps - goals are be healthy & healed & whole & travel as much as possible with my husband!!) :o)