Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm not sure how many of you follow international news.  I'll admit I'm pretty out of the loop because everything that makes the headlines is bad news, for the most part.  I don't receive a local newspaper, I don't have TV (gasp!!), but I do occasionally read the headlines of various papers online.  When I get the chance I like to catch up with the BBC.

Recently there have been reports of the flood disaster in Teresopolis, Brazil.  If you've seen any pictures of their housing situation, it's not really a mystery why whole homes are swept away when heavy rain comes. The "homes" are built on the side of steep hills - because it's the land that's affordable, or even free because it really shouldn't be used.  They are constructed out of scraps and the cheapest building materials available.   All because the biggest challenge with Brazil is that 10% of the population earns more than 50% of the wealth.  The poorest 10% share about 1% of the income.  That leaves a devastating gap between the well off and the poor of their nation.  {Please be in prayer for the leadership of their country to finds ways to lessen this gap.}

The headlines have also reported that over 800 people have died, directly due to the recent floods.  The morgues are full so they are having to bury bodies without identifying them first.  Early on in the flooding they were already low on plasma supplies.  But in all this devastation, and during a week of mourning for the city unbelievable news has rose up in the headlines, due to a different kind of flood; a flooding of the Holy Spirit.

A small group of Christians in the medical field were already in Brazil before the floods started and quickly realized their trip would have a whole different purpose.  God is so good, and His timing is literally perfect.  The local news papers are reporting about a group of American Christians who started a small local riot when by the power of the Holy Spirit they raised 16 flood victims from the dead!! Don't take my word for it, please read the news links for yourself! Absolutely incredible!! 10 bodies that were dead in the morgue for over 3 days, as well as 5 more that were literally stacked outside the morgue were raised from the dead! This is the Good News of the gospel and the power of Jesus Christ.  And it's real.

I don't know if you've ever been to church, or currently go to church, or maybe feel like you'd burst into flames if you got too near one (you know I'm kidding, right?).  Regardless of where your faith is today, THIS is the Jesus that loves you. Forget what your idea of religion says about Him.  He is alive today and wants a relationship with you so badly He is will raise you from the dead to have it!

I think we'd all eagerly read the news if more headlines were like this!!

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  1. Whoo hoo!!! What AMAZING news!!!! I wish I could read stories like this every day! No, wait! I wish I could be a part of this every day!!! Yay!!!! Thank you Jesus!!! xxxx (& Thank you Jenn for sharing!!!)