Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

It's another glorious day here in Abilene, Texas!  I've been enjoying some "down time" having Mike home, which also means an extra set of hands to help with the kiddos.  

Harrison had a wonderful Christmas, blessed with many, many new toys to play with, and Heidi enjoyed watching, I think.  Of course she received gifts too but since she is 12 months old, she really didn't care about much more than hiding under the piles of torn paper!  We had a great time sharing webcam Christmas with Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Blair and Aunty Danielle in Canada, as well as the big extended family Christmas with Mike's parents and siblings here in Texas.  I was spoiled rotten by my husband with a beautiful set of princess cut diamond earring studs.  I of course indulged him in his xbox 360 habit, uh I mean hobby!

With the New Year right around the corner I have been pondering new goals for 2011, just like everyone else on the planet.  My goals easily fit into a few different categories: spiritual, financial, family & fitness.  I'm a firm believer of writing out your goals and keeping them visibly in front of you.  You don't know where you're headed unless you have a map!  I'll gladly share a few of my top ones in each category:

1. continue my daily reading plan to read through the entire Bible this year
2. continue stretching myself to experience God in new and exciting ways
3. serve on a missions trip in 2011

1. to remain debt free!
2. to continue to give and bless others out of the abundance given to us

1. to continue to set and encourage healthy boundaries with our children
2. to develop healthy communication patterns with my husband :)

1. To complete 3 sprint distance triathlons, and 2 olympic distance tri's
2. To complete a 1/2 marathon
3. To achieve a healthy body fat %

I was enjoying some quiet time today while the kids were napping.  Only a few pages into my favorite triathlon magazines and I was whisked away dreaming of new race locations, of one day completing an Ironman, and of all the awesome equipment out there to help me achieve those dreams!  I'll need a job just to pay for my hobby, especially if I want to stay debt free!!!

I hope the ushering in of 2011 inspires you to dream new dreams, to uncover unfulfilled dreams of the past, and to push forward with new anticipation.  This is your year!  Let's make it a great one together!!

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  1. That's awesome! I love the goals! 2011 is going to be an AMAZING year for you!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!!! I'm so excited to cheer you on from wherever I might be - I'll just cheer louder if I'm further away! :o) Big hugs & you lucky girl! Tell Mike to give Jaco a few pointers! :o) xxxx Aunty Jill