Monday, January 24, 2011

Where Has All the Time Gone?

Today I wasn't feeling so great. My stomach has been upside down since about 5:30 am and I can't really tell if it's the cheese pizza I ate last night or that silly stomach bug trying to take me down again.  I pray it was the pizza, since I'm fairly lactose intolerant it would make sense.  And since sickness isn't welcome at our home, Im sure it was the pizza.  Either way, today was a good day to hang out at the house!

I finally tackled a task today that I have been procrastinating on since July. Seriously.  I'm not really a procrastinator. Go ahead, ask my husband.  I like to get things done, especially if I get to check them off my list! HA! I know. It's sad. But I'm ok with that!  Today I finally transferred all my files that used to be on my PC and have been sitting on my external hard drive since July, onto our Mac.  Ugh. What a job.

To the best of my knowledge (which isn't much, technology-wise) there isn't software that can do that for you, so it was a very tedious job.  Years of data, pictures, records etc.  Making sure they were all not only transferred but also somewhat organized, so I can find them again!  It literally took all day.  I'm still not done with the organizing bit, but at least they are on the Mac now. Somewhere.  Thank the Lord!

This afternoon I had a really marvelous time watching my life flash before my eyes - in pictures. All 20,000+ of them.  It was really great! We've done some crazy things since getting married. I really had a moment laughing out loud thinking of how the last 3 years will look 30 years from now. HA!  Here are a few treasures I dug up today.  Hope you enjoy!


 6 months

1 yr

18 months

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  1. Awh... Little H is just adorable all the way around... From the very beginning... I came across the birth announcement for Harrison while I was packing up my things... Sure do miss you guys! xxxx