Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Traditions

I've always loved talking to people about their families traditions for the holidays.  I find it so fascinating to hear how everyone else loves to celebrate!  I must admit that since we have small children of our own, again I find myself evaluating Christmas and traditions again, with new eyes and perspective.

Mike and I have often gone back and forth about how we, or are we going to portray Santa in our home? Will we buy gifts from him? How many? How far are we willing to go?  We have decided that we will not play up Santa and choose to put Jesus in the spotlight.  We will not deny our children the delight of believing in Santa, but we will not mask it as something that it is not.  We have decided that their stockings will be filled with gifts from Santa, but everything else will be from Mommy, Daddy and each other.  The Spirit of the living Christ is what matters each and every day, not just on one day of the year.

In my family, we always met as a large extended family (20+) at my Grandma's house and ate great food, and played together.  It was always noisy, rowdy, and the most fun I can remember!  We would stay up late and each cousin was able to open one gift on Christmas Eve.  I think this is a tradition that is dear to my heart and that we plan to carry forward with our children.

This year we have chosen to establish a new tradition for our little family.  Mike and I will be getting up early and cooking pancakes and brewing a large urn of coffee to later deliver to the less fortunate in Abilene.  God has gently and lovingly reminded me that at this time last year we would have been homeless, too; weeks away from expecting our daughter but without a job, a home and food if not for God's provision and generosity in our life.  Each and every day we rely on His provision and this Christmas we are going to celebrate by seizing the opportunity to provide something small for someone else in need.  We feel like by giving from our hearts first thing Christmas morning we will be more grateful to receive.

Thank you Jesus for all you have done for us. Please continue to work through us as we reach out to bless others and change our city.  We give you all the praise and glory!!

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  1. Whoo hoo! What a way to give!!! You will touch so many lives on such a special day! Blessings to you & all those you feed! xxxx Aunty Jill