Friday, December 17, 2010

Pretty Ugly

This week was jam-packed full of fun events for me to attend!!  Starting on Sunday evening Champions Church had their annual Women's Christmas Party and Kitchen Gadget Exchange.  It was a blast!  We competed by singing Christmas carols as a team in a certain "style", such as opera, Elvis, and man style. It was hilarious! My table sang "We Wish You A Merry Christmas", man style. It was hideously wonderful! The entire event was so beautifully put together and the gift exchange was fun! It was "white elephant" style with 46 women!! There was a whole lot of stealin' going on! What a great way to fellowship with other women! Oh by the way, I ended up trading someone for the gift that I actually bought! It's ok though, I've always wanted a Slap Chop!!

Monday morning I assisted with Harrison's Christmas Party at his school.  Try to co-ordinate 15 two year olds, each supposed to make three crafts each!  It was fun and I was able to snap a few shots of him shaking his little jingle bells while singing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer".  Pretty cute!

Tuesday morning we packed up and headed southwest to San Angelo, where we used to live.  I was SO blessed to spend a good portion of the day catching up with my wonderful friend Christie!  Christie is an amazing woman, and a mother I admire very much.  She was (and still is) the leader of the first MOPS group I ever attended, and really does such a fantastic job.  Nothing is half way done, even though she is a busy mom just like the rest of us.  It was always such a pleasure and a blessing to attend.  I feel even more blessed to call her my friend.  We had fun catching up while Harrison played with every single toy he could get his hands on!  He may have had just as much fun as I did!  Christie even tipped me off on a little boutique where I could find an excellent sweater for the next party on Wednesday night.  She hopped in her van with her two kiddos and lead me over there and stayed in between the vans with all the kids while I ran in to bargain hunt.  I ended up with a great sweater and a lovely pair of earrings to match.  From there we said our goodbyes, although this time was much easier since we have already made tentative plans to hang out in Abilene next week sometime!  My sweet babes slept all the way home in the van.  It was a wonderful day!

Finally, Wednesday. Ahhhh.  I've only been counting down to this day for 2 weeks!  Our Connect Group decided to up the festivities of our Christmas party by all dressing in UGLY sweaters! It was so fun!  Some were owned, some were bargain hunted and some were home-made; it was awesome!!  We ate great food and had fun playing Christmas charades.  The only downside (for some, NOT me!) was that the weather was a gorgeous 86 degrees!  But everyone was a good sport and wore their sweaters anyway.  So blessed to have such awesome brothers and sisters in Christ to celebrate with!!

What a great week and it's not even over with!  Saturday night I am having my sister (in-law) over for dinner and a visit and I'm super pumped for that!

Here's a few pictures of our ugly sweater party!

All the women

Amity and I

My great girl friends, Amy & Amity

The Men.  Here I would like to point out the winners,
the far left (Pastor T) and far right (Jeff). Aren't they awesome!?

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  1. Ha ha... Where oh where is that 'puff painted' sheep sweater with 'Jingle Bells' on it - complete with bells & all... :o) Awesome sweaters! xxxx