Sunday, October 10, 2010

An Attitude of Gratitude

For 43 days I have been challenging myself by reading my daily scripture through youversion.  Judge me if you must, but this is probably the second longest consecutive time in my life where I've made a commitment to read scripture every morning. I had a conviction about reading my bible recently and I asked myself why would I tithe 10% to the Lord but not give him the first fruits of my time every day? Why wouldn't I want His word written in my heart? So I've been faithfully following a reading plan and it continues to be wonderful! I am gaining new understanding from scriptures I have read a dozen times before and I am finding it easier to draw on His strength and steadfastness throughout the day.  Our days have been more peaceful and fulfilling.  God is doing great things in our household!

Along with reading my bible I have also been keeping a daily gratitude journal.  My journal is in point form and I've been listing 5 items {things, people, praise items etc} that I am grateful for on a daily basis.  What an amazing experience it has been for me! There are so many things God has shown me through this discipline.  I have learned that:

  • I have so much more to be grateful for than I ever thought, even in a season when I physically have the least;
  • the more I take my eyes off myself and the circumstances surrounding me at the moment, the better my attitude is;
  • my life is SO much more than my circumstances
  • God is working in my life despite all the "junk"
  • God is good and he is FAITHFUL to do what He says!
  • I don't "need" as much stuff as I thought
I encourage you to start and keep your own gratitude journal.  It is such an awesome way to see that God does hear and answer my prayers, and to literally see with my own eyes that I am so blessed.  I would love to hear about your experiences with your own gratitude journal!

I'm grateful for my readers tonight.  I know many of you come, look, read and don't comment, but I know that you're there. I pray something I've shared has blessed your heart as you've blessed mine.

Walking in the Light,
Momma J


  1. I'm loving your insight! Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey with us (me)... It's encouraging & you bring so many things to light that often get swept to the wayside... I'm grateful for you, my dear friend, and all the wonderful memories we've shared for the past (gulp) 13 years! A gratitude journal sounds like a wonderful thing! Thank you! xxxx Aunty Jo!

  2. SO good.
    Thanks for the encouragement! I needed to hear that TODAY! :)
    Love your blog! Keep it up!