Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And Ode to Harrison-isms

I plan to write my third part to my thoughts on HOME today, but I need to write a quick post capturing some of the funny things that Harrison has been saying lately.  I love that the Lord has blessed our son with such a sense of humour!! That definitely comes from his Daddy.  I think the only part of me he has is his big brown eyes!

If you see me on facebook, then you likely saw my status update on a few of these but they are definitely worth repeating and recording for future reference:

One day we were sitting at the table finishing breakfast and Harrison was sticking his fingers in his ears.  Out of no where he says "Look Mom.  Ear poops!" Oh my!

Another time at dinner his face was smeared with butter grease from his noodles and I said "Oh Harrison, you silly butter-face".  The next morning he grabbed the closed butter container off the counter and put it on his face and said "Oh Harrison butter-face!"  Such a little joker!

I was rolling out my yoga mat to begin my morning yoga DVD and he asked "Mommy doing yogurts?" HEHEHE, that one still gets me!

The sign that your toddler is watching too much TV.... when I was getting his DVD player ready in the van for a trip to town, he shouted "Coming right up!"  Yikes!  Obviously needing less Disney channel and those crazy monkeys!

*SIGH* Out of the mouths of babes :) I pray he always keeps his joy and sense of humour!

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  1. Oh Lil' H... I do miss you!!! Big fat hugs from Aunty Jo!!! xxxx See you soon!