Sunday, October 17, 2010

All Packed Up

Same story, different ending.  The BurnettBunch is all packed up... again.  This time however, the move has a very different feel to it.  There is no dread. No worry.  No anxiety.  No confusion.  No emergency.  Surrounding this move is only certainty, peace, closure, hope, joy, freedom... destiny.

I think that the biggest point people have overlooked in reacting to our move is this:  Mike and I would not have moved to Texas hadn't our situation been dire.  Some of you may be thinking that I am over reacting, or over exaggerating but I promise you I'm not.  When you are out of money, cannot secure a job, and can't qualify for social assistance {and you're 8 months pregnant} where do you turn? Do you move in with the only family who can help you? Or do you remain prideful and put your family out on the streets? I pray those are questions you never really have to answer.

God is so amazing.  Just the week before Mike left for work our life account {everything to our name, nothing left to sell etc.} dwindled to less than $500.  Talk about scary. Already the Lord has built us up 10 fold, and I know he will do it again, and again!  The thing is I was more worried and had more anxiety when we still had $10,000 in the bank and no job then when we had only $500.  My eyes and heart have been realigned with Gods purpose for our family and my perspective has been changed in a major way. God is doing a good work in our family and I am excited to see the fruit start popping up!

This week I haven't posted much because I've been busy packing up our bins, deciding what we will need to get by for 3 weeks before Mike can arrive with our big truck load of household goods. Air mattresses, check. Baby supplies, check. I'm sure you get the point. 

 We have been so blessed by a family in our church in Abilene with a wonderful house to call HOME.  I am praying now for our drive there with Harrison (2) and Heidi (10 mo) it should be an adventure!  I have coloring books {with markers that only mark the book}, DVDs, and lots of snacks to pass the time.  Our first night we'll be stopping in Billings, Montana. Then we'll drive all the way through Wyoming and strategically stop in Loveland, Colorado so that I can go outlet shopping for the kiddos, mostly.  Maybe one item for Mommy?  Our third day will take us into Amarillo, Texas and the fourth day we should arrive in Abilene by mid-day with enough time to go to a Fall Festival with Kristen & Carter Vian,  our long lost friends!

I also have a HUGE praise report to share.  My dear friend Jill has now been receiving chemotherapy for Hodgkin's lymphoma for several months.  She was just a little over the half way mark (6 months) and even the thought of going to the hospital again was making her physically sick!  I empathized with her because I don't know what she's feeling or what she's going through, but I did/do know that God is bigger than any challenge out there!  I pulled together some encouraging scriptures for her to speak over herself and emailed them to her and also encouraged her to look up a few passages about anxiety and worry on her own.  Sure enough, she did and focused all her thoughts on reading them, instead of focusing on the pain and side effects of treatments.  I never hear from her the day of treatment because she's usually sleeping or ill.  This week she called me to praise how well she was feeling!! We talked for over an hour!  She described how she was so peaceful she even slept through treatment, which has never happened!! PRAISE THE LORD!! I know that physically the treatments get harder the further along you get, but I know my God is stronger than all of that! I believe He is going to be the one to carry her through until her last treatment, 3 days before Christmas.  What an amazing testimony of His faithfulness!

For those of you wondering, Mike is doing great.  We talk to him on the webcam every night after dinner, before the kids go to bed.  Heidi squeals with delight every time she see him and wants to kiss the monitor!  Harrison is really sweet too; the other night he was pretending to talk to Daddy on the cell phone.  "How was your day Daddy?  I REALLY miss you!"  Sometimes I cannot believe the sentences that come out of his little 2 year old mouth.  He loves talking to Daddy every night, even though it's mostly short.  Sitting still on a chair and talking just isn't too much of a priority when you're 2!

Mike will be flying back to Calgary on November 7, loading our stuff from the storage room, grabbing our stuff from Jill's, driving to my parents to get the last bit of stuff and then heading south on the same route that we'll be taking just a few short weeks before.  I know the kids will be so excited to see him.  I know I can't wait to see him either.  Six weeks at a time is a long stretch, but a blessing compared to my military friends who have to wait 6 months to a whole year to see their loved ones.  We love you Daddy!

Momma J

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  1. So thrilled that you have a HOME to go to & your life is taking shape. Thank you for your prayers & scriptures, it really is/was a blessing! I can't wait to visit you in sunny, warm Abilene... Drive safe & know that you're loved & missed! xxxx