Monday, September 27, 2010

The Big Farewell

Poor, poor Heidi.  She cannot breathe through her nose because she is so snotty from a cold. She goes to sleep and wakes up with her nose crusted right over. Ewwww. I feel so terrible, especially for little babies who suffer and can't put words to their discomfort, etc.  Thankfully this is the first time she's ever been sick and she's nearly 9 months old.  Praise God!  On Friday I thought her mucous was turning green and I saw her rub her ears a bit, and since we were leaving for Great Falls Saturday morning I figured I'd better take her to the doctor Friday afternoon.   We drove all the way into town only to find out that they are open Monday-Thursday only. I didn't know another walk-in clinic to take her to so we didn't get her in. Boo. Thankfully she seems to be getting better, not worse.

The good news about Friday was that I was able to get my hair cut (really just re-shaped) and I had bangs cut in!  I love them! I wish I would have done it a few hair cuts before.  I couldn't afford a color this time around, so I'll have to home color one more time.  Hopefully I can avoid any mishaps!

Saturday morning we were up early (6 am) and out the door at 6:45 am.  Mike said goodbye to Grandpa the night before and Grandma this morning.  We snuck out the door while the babies were still sound asleep.  Not even two steps out the door and we were greeted with the most stunning sunrise I have seen in a very long time.  This morning was significant in so many ways.  It was the beginning of a new season (literally, autumn) but also the beginning of a new season in our marriage.  Starting this day Mike was going to be far away for work and I would be at home with the babies, alone.  That's about the only negative thing about our new situation.  We will have an income for the first time in 1.5 years! Mike will be doing a job that he loves and finds very satisfying.  I will be able to focus on group activities with the kids more.  Become more involved in MOPS, etc.  We can tithe/give again because we actually will have an income to work with! There are so many great blessings that are flowing out of this new job and God seemed to capture it all within a magnificent sunrise in order to remind us that all good things come from Him!  I only had my iPhone to try to capture it with and the photo doesn't do it justice, but it is a great reminder to us regardless.

Too bad my iPhone just doesn't do justice to Gods artwork!

Mike and I had great conversation all the way to Great Falls, MT, about a 3 hour drive from The Farm.  It is so reassuring to re-connect as husband and wife without all the distractions while heading into such a big period of adjustment.  We were really blessed to have Saturday to ourselves.  I dropped Mike off at the airport at 7 am Sunday morning, and kissed him goodbye for the next 6 weeks.  It was hard, I'm not going to lie.  But I was also filled with such joy and gratefulness that the sorrow didn't last.  Praise God!

All the way home I listened to Champions Church podcasts and I was totally ministered to by the Holy Spirit... in my minivan!! I had a really amazing time with the Lord and arrived home ready to take on the new challenges of the new season.  We are so blessed!

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  1. So excited for this 'Next Chapter' in your lives!!!! Prayers answered! Yay! Big hugs to all the Burnett Bunch!!! xxxx