Friday, February 19, 2010

A Sliver of Silver Lining

Wow, that last post was really, really, negative wasn't it??? YIKES! Let's hope that I don't write too many more (if any) blog posts from that place again. I'm not going to jump and shout for joy just yet, but there are a few possibilities out there right now that will help ease/change our situation(s).

First of all, my interviews went well. One was at a placement agency/temp agency and I'm just not interested. I need a job whether it's FT or PT, but I need to know the days I'm going to work or not. Being on-call with 2 babies just doesn't work for me. I also went and did a "test" at The Superstore. It was basically a personality test to determine how you deal with authority (supervisors) and theft/stealing. Makes sense in a grocery/retail store setting. As long as I can read I am sure I passed with flying colors. I find myself very drawn to working there because The Superstore has everything from clothes, house goods, to groceries and employees receive 10% off of everything. I am all for a discount!! I should hear back from them this week.

I think Mike is experiencing a bit of a wake-up call by having to be Mr. Mom now. Yesterday was my first whole day away from the house and things with the kids and Mike were a bit chaotic to say the least. It will take some time to make the adjustment in the family dynamic but I have full confidence that they'll all have fun at home together for the necessary amount of time. Both Mike and I know that this is a temporary solution, it is what we have to do to make ends meet right now, so we make it work together. TOGETHER. TEAM WORK. Those are beautiful words that bring music to my ears and tears to my eyes. Surviving such a life struggle wouldn't be possible if I didn't have my best friend by my side, sometime literally, most times figuratively. I am beyond blessed to call Mike my husband.

Lots to report today, so I am not sure if I should squeeze it all into one post or make two, guess I'll decide later! Also yesterday, Mike received 2 important emails. One saying his resume was being forwarded to a heaD office in Germany - ja, hooray! Europa! We are open minded as I mentioned before, so we are excited to see how that plays out. The company has wind turbines in Spain, Portugal, France and the UK. What an adventure that would be. The other was to schedule a phone interview. Here's the ironic part - the job position is in... Texas. **Insert huge SIGH here**

Didn't we just flee from Texas due to the lack of jobs? And because of the horrendous cost of health care? How much would Mike have to be paid for us to move back there? This is a permanent position with the company but a "temporary" site. If the service contract isn't renewed after 2-5 years, then off we move again. The news of this job in Texas had my stomach in knots all night. It just didn't seem right to me. Lord, is this really where you are asking us to go? Nothing was lining up, and we weren't receiving closure on any ideas, or opportunities. Just more what ifs. Needless to say that when Mike tried to book the interview online all the slots were taken and he asked me to call in the morning to schedule him one for next week. I said I would.

Last night as I laid there with these huge knots churning in my stomach, listening to Heidi breathe contently in her crib I began to pray "Lord please give us closure". I so badly want to move on. Leave all these troubles and worries behind us. I prayed for jobs, I prayed for houses and I prayed for our kids and our friends/family and peacefully let myself drift into sleep...


P.S. - Here's some random information for the locals reading... on Tuesday morning I had my hair cut and colored at Purley Inspired Kelsey Yule Academy of Beauty - yes, by students! I was a bit worried but it was all that I could afford and... it turned out great!! The young lady who did my hair was named Jericho. She was very pleasant and always checked with me that she was doing what I wanted. It was wonderful!! I will definitely be going back before she graduates in April. Here's a little peek...

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