Friday, February 19, 2010


I want to start by saying that Heidi has been and continues to be an awesome baby! I celebrated a couple weeks ago that she slept through the night for the first time, only waking for one feeding. I realize that many people do not experience this in the first 6 months, or even a year so I absolutely acknowledge that blessing in my life!! She has since only woken up a night or two but is very consistently sleeping anywhere from 10/11pm til 5/6am, feeding then going back to sleep until about 8/9am when the house gets to rowdy for anyone to stay asleep. What a blessing!

Today we were blessed for Mike to get a chance to work for cash so I am alone with the kids at home. I am blogging while my darlings are sleeping. I should have slept but decided to write instead, I hope you're reading!! After getting everyone fed and dressed today I decided to make the phone call for Mike's interview. He is scheduled for Thursday, February 25 at 3:15 CST so please say a prayer for him then if you think about us. I also decided to do some "digging" around on the internet for some more information.

During his last trip to the border Mike was informed that they are expanding a wind farm very near by but on the US side of the border. I did some research and found some news paper articles about the project etc. and then looked up the company's website. No phone number, but there was an email address. Something to work with is always good! So I write up a nice email and send off Mike's resume. It can't hurt right?

Today I went back to the company's website to see if there was any way to follow up on the application. Nope, not a single phone number. Hmmmmm... I decided to just google the company and add MT (for Montana) behind it to see what happens. Jackpot! A Montana phone number. So, being Friday do I call and get a contact name and number for Mike to call on Monday or do I wait and let him call for himself on Monday? I have time, the kids are quiet, so I decide to call. The receptionist answers and I ask for the name of the site manager. She gives it to me politely and asks if I need to speak with him. I explain that I'm actually calling for my husband who isn't home at the moment and she says "oh he just walked in, I'll let you talk to him directly". I slightly panic about what to say because what is a manager going to think about a wife calling on behalf of her husband??? I introduce myself and quickly tell him why I'm calling, and give a quick blurb about Mike's experience and he says, "oh wait, did you say Mike Burnett? I think I have his resume right here!" AWESOME! THANK YOU FATHER! We continue to chat and Heidi and Harrison become less quiet and the fellow says "do I hear kids?" and I explain. Well turns out he has 2 kids too, about the same age apart as ours. He and his wife moved to Montana from California and they love it here. Yes, he is still hiring for a few technician positions and would love to speak to Mike - in person! An interview!! ANOTHER PRAISE, THANK YOU GOD! He says to have Mike call him on Monday morning to set up a time to meet next week. AMEN!! I am so grateful for the Lords perfect timing. Who would have thought a wife could get her husband an interview?? YAY!

But wait, we're not through with the morning phone calls just yet. Our realtor in Abilene calls to say there are 2 couples in the process of putting offers in our house, pending certain things. This is more great news! The one couple is actually paying for an inspection, and that is the furthest anyone has ever gotten to making a legit offer, so please keep praying!! It would be amazing to have the house sell so that we could have money to get settle in wherever the new job is going to be.

Next phone call was full of mixed emotions. It was from our realtor in San Angelo saying that the bank came and changed the locks on the house and it was officially in foreclosure, which we've been anticipating for some time. With 2 kids, 2 houses, 2 mortgages, a car and 11 months of unemployment eventually something has to give. I am glad that it is officially off our hands now, even though it will severely damage our US credit. But this is the type of closure I was praying for last night!! One option off the board and we're moving on. This is a good thing overall, it really is.

Feeling a little overwhelmed I turn on our computer so that I can blog a little. If you haven't tried it, I find blogging very therapeutic. I am pretty much an open book anyways, this is a way I share with my friends all over the globe. As I go to my dashboard and get ready to create a new post I see my dear friend has written something new... Things Aren't Always What They Seem. As fast as my fingers could possibly go, I rush and hurry to open her blog because I think I may know what she's referring to. Please God let me know what she's referring to!!

Sure enough. After tests and treatments, and THANKFULLY not chemo, my friend has received the results from her biopsy. No malignant cells. No cancer. WOW. What an amazing feeling. She was a day away from leaving to Mexico for chemotherapy and other treatments. God has amazingly stepped in to stop her from going and spending unnecessary money and time on a disease she doesn't have. I know the roller coaster of emotions I'm going through so I give her a quick call (even though I'm not expecting an answer) and leave a voicemail celebrating with her. She quickly calls me back and we chat for an hour. Does she still have a gigantic lump on her neck? Sadly, yes. Now begins the journey to find out what it is, or better yet, just how to treat it. I recently heard a really cool testimony from another friend about disease, so I will share in my own words her experience.

Her 6 month old daughter was very sick, throwing up, very high fever, and not nursing or taking a bottle so they toke her to the hospital. Many tests and pokes later the doctors cannot tell them what is wrong. They are thinking of doing more tests to narrow it down and in her quiet time with the Lord she cries out to him "Why can't they just tell us what is wrong so we know??" The Lord spoke to her heart and said "there isn't a "name" on her situation because HE is the Name above all names and that since we are not receiving any "names" or diagnosis then we aren't going to find out what that "name" is! How awesome is that? The doctor can't even find out what is causing this, because we don't receive sickness in Jesus Name. By HIS stripes, she is healed and whole."

This testimony of God's goodness brings me to tears every time because she was healed and sent home, no diagnosis. Just healed. This is my prayer for Jill. Be healed! Be set free!

So from devastating news back to hope, here we are today heading into another weekend. February is half over, another week gone. My prayer is that not another week passes the same way they have been. I am clinging to the hope that lies ahead, and that is what I choose to focus on. See you back again next week!

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