Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pretty Pumpkin Patch

I could not believe my ears this morning when I was feeding Harrison his breakfast... the lady on the radio said that she was participating in the Run for a Cure (for breast cancer) on Sunday and that they would be running in the rain/snow. SNOW??! I thought that I had either heard wrong or that maybe, just maybe she was exagerating a little, so I went to the computer to check it out. Unfortunately I heard right. There is a 50% possibility of snow flurries on Sunday. WOW!! Guess Harrison will get to use his snowsuit after all. Can't wait to post some photos of that!

Today we had pictures for Harrison scheduled at Wal-Mart in Lethbridge at 10:30. I dressed him in everything except his shirt for pictures, just in case and we headed out the door. Arriving just in time for our appointment, ok just a few minutes late, we rushed in and changed his shirt and began the photo shoot. Really how can you go wrong with a package of 30 portraits for $7.99??? After a bunch of monkeying around (literally) to make Harrison smile I had 8 poses to choose from and only 2 without his hands in his mouth. Thankfully the one I picked was PERFECT. Really, he had a huge smile, hands were down, looking right at the camera, Mommy could not ask for more. YAY! Also a huge thanks to the photo lady at Wal-Mart for being so patient and good with him.

Afterwards I really wanted to find a "pumpkin patch" to take some pretty fall pictures of Harrison while he had on a nice outfit and was in a good mood, so we headed out to Green Haven Garden Center which I had heard on the radio had pumpkins or something like that. When we arrived they had a bunch of pretty fall displays set up and they were all excellent for photo opps, so away we went. Here are a few of my favorites from today...

The pumpkin on the left was over 450 lbs!! Amazing! We had fun out there and all the elderly people shopping for fall plants were loving Harrison too. What a fun way to spend the morning!

Tomorrow is our play date with the grand daughter of some friends of my parents. Her name is Saige and we are going to a play group at a local school. I hope they have fun together and burn some energy. It is very challenging to keep up with a toddler and be 6 months pregnant! Who knew?

Last night I had a surprise phone call from my dear sweet friend Kristen (from Abilene)!! It was much needed and was such a huge help to just feel "normal" again. It was so nice talking with her, I can't wait to get back to Texas to catch up with everyone else!

I also heard from someone today that there is a corn maze with a petting zoo and more pumpkins near where we live, so I think we will try to seek that out sometime this week as well. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments! Here is one more photo to leave you with a smile... Grandma and Harry Potter!

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