Friday, September 25, 2009


Our little family is busy making many preparations to settle into our "new" location in Texas. Yes, the Burnett's are moving again (or still).

Today Grandpa, Harrison and I drove up to Calgary so that I could submit my passport for updating. We woke up at 6 am so we could be on the road by 6:30 since it is about a 2 hour drive. The office opened right at 8:30 am and we pulled up when they were opening the door. I jumped out of the truck with my papers in hand and dashed to the door, received my ticket number and prepared to wait in line while Grandpa was getting Harrison into his stroller. As I went to take a seat to wait I happily realized that the number before mine was already on the board. Not even 1 minute later my number popped up on the screen! The lady was super nice that was helping me, taking great care that my renewed passport wouldn't get shipped to Texas, which I greatly appreciated. She did her work on the computer and a few minutes later I was on my way out the door. I quickly glanced at my watch and the whole thing only took 6 minutes!! Great job passport lady! Grandpa didn't even have time to get Harrison out of the car yet. Awesome!

That left plenty of time to have a chat with my dear friend Cindy. We went over to Humpty's and ordered some breakfast while we waited for Cindy to arrive. Instead of eating Harrison was busy making eyes at a pretty little girl about his age a couple tables over, trying very hard to impress her with his truck driving skills. Cindy arrived as we were finishing up our food and Harrison was ready to get going so we had a quick chat in the parking lot while Grandpa kindly helped Harrison walk off some of his energy. It was so nice catching up with a good friend!!

I also have to brag a little bit about Cindy and her thoughtfulness. I had mentioned that if for some reason Harrison and I can't head back to Texas before I'm 8 months along with the baby then I may ask her to help me get some used and give away items together so that we are prepared for Audrey's arrival. Well the very next day she tells me that she has a ton of baby stuff for me! I am so blown away and blessed by all the people that so quickly donated their stuff to us, wow! I can't wait to organize all the little girl clothes! Yay for pink! And a HUGE thank you to Cindy for sure!!

Mike was busy making his own preparations in Texas today. We will be moving into Mike's Memaws house in Brownwood while Mike attends the Trooper Academy in Austin. While we live there all we will have to do is pay for our utilities which is another huge blessing to us. The carpets are very old and worn so Mike is in the process of pulling them up so they can be replaced which will be very nice. I am really looking forward to finally having all of our possessions unpacked for more than 4 months and being able to go through it all and purge everything that we don't need. I am not a collector of "things" and I really enjoy being able to give away items that may be useful to someone else. It shouldn't be long before I am having crazy pregnancy dreams about home improvements again!

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