Monday, June 6, 2011

Moving Day: Take7

What a crazy week this was for our little family!  God showed up in a few major ways - love it when He does that!

On Thursday Mike and I were literally sitting around, each on a computer job searching that afternoon.  We were really expecting Mike to be home for awhile since he just returned from 2 months in Colorado. His phone rang and he had the strangest conversation that went something like this:
(I'll paraphrase)

Caller: "Hello Mike? Sorry we got cut off."

Mike: "Uh.... that's ok" he said very confused since he wasn't on the phone with anyone

Caller: "This is Mike Burnett right?  I was just talking with you and we got disconnected."

Mike: "Well this is Mike but we weren't talking."

Caller turns out to be Mike's boss: "Well what's your phone number? (Mike replies)  Yes, that's the number I wrote down as we were talking earlier.  Either way, I guess it's your lucky day.  Are you ready to head out to work?  I need you to leave for Pasco, Washington Sunday morning."

How funny is that!?!  He was talking to a totally different person but wrote down Mike's exact phone number and called Mike when he lost connection with the other person.  That's God's favor!!  Mike is not excited about leaving home again, especially so soon.  He was only home for 10 days, and is projected to be gone 3+ months.  He will only be 9 hours away from my parents!!  Hopefully once our van is repaired we will go visit him and do some camping with Grandma & Grandpa.

So this Saturday we had to RUSH our move.  Awesome friends from church pitched in, helped us move, and were so thoughtful and brought us lunch and dinner.  We got everything transferred in a 1/2 day! God is so good to us.

Dropping Mike off at the airport was traumatic as usual.  I bawled, Harrison screamed with hot tears and Heidi joined right in with us.  He arrived safely last night, picked up his work truck and settled into his hotel.  Thank goodness for internet and Skype, right?

Today is Monday and we are getting ready to head off to swim lessons!  Harrison is my little PIKE.  So excited for him.  You bet I'm going to be the Mom on the sidelines taking 1001 photos!

Happy Monday, y'all!!

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