Saturday, June 11, 2011

Letter J

I just played this silly game on facebook:

Letter J...
Like: jewellery
Dislike: junk
Someone I Like: Jesus
Something bad: jealousy
Like and you get a letter

then it sparked a random thought.  I've been working on the "I dislike junk" statement - A LOT lately, especially since moving again.

I think that everyone has "that" place.  The counter that never stays clean and clear, or my personal pet peeve - the drawer of random odds and ends, the infamous JUNK drawer!  I'm not exactly sure when the need for clean came into my life because I know I wasn't always the tidiest child/adolescent (sorry Mom & Dad.)  Probably when I became a home owner for the first time, if I had to guess.  I really can't stand to see "junk" laying around.  It actually may be a very valuable item but if it is out of place and looks like clutter, it has to go! If you have ever seen the tv show Hoarders that is one of my worst nightmares!

My husband will attest to my motto: "Everything has it's place".  

I know especially as a mom and the keeper of the home it can be hard and even over-whelming to stay on top of the constant clutter.  My solution? Another motto: One thing at a time.  This applies to everyone in our home.  Use one thing at a time. When you're done, put it away. No coloring until the cars are put up.  Finish the laundry before starting another task (unless efficiently multi-tasking, the key being efficiently otherwise it is better to stick to one thing at a time.)

I specifically like how one thing at a time applies to helping clean up the clutter!  That huge counter covered with stuff looks over-whelming and it would be so easy to just put it off. Simply start by picking up one item and finding it's home.  I find it really makes a difference to deal with the mess in pieces instead of as a whole. Before you know it you have your space back!

That brings me to the end of my random thought.  Just say no to junk, ok?  Today's inspiration was brought to you today by the letter J!

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