Friday, April 15, 2011

C is for Cookies!

I have such a sweet friend, her name is Laura.  She is so sweet & kind and loves the Lord. We minister together on Sunday nights at Champions Church. Her husband also works in the wind energy industry, so we have lots in common.  This last Tuesday I was unable to attend my regular Tuesday afternoon/evening ministry and prayer times, so Laura invited us over, but specifically invited Harrison over to bake cookies!  Can you guess how excited he was?!

We arrived around 10:45 am and had a great time talking while the kids watched a video and explored Laura's home.  Her house is beautiful!  They live on an acre plot in a very small development on Steamboat Mountain, just out of Abilene.  The area is about as perfect as it gets around here.  They are blessed!

Soon Harrison was ready to make some cookies, so I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story:

Harrison was thrilled that they were using butter!  He took
a big bite out of the first stick!

So proud to be the big helper

Quality control

Enjoying lunch and his dessert!

We stayed all day and had a wonderful time.  Harrison and Heidi both napped, although not as good a normal, but not bad considering it was the first time in someone elses home in a long time.  I always have fun with Laura and she is such a gracious host.  She's a wonderful Grandma to her 3 grandsons, and misses them terribly, so it is good for Heidi and Harrison to visit with her.  They already have 3 more recipes lined up for the next few visits!

In other news, there are really bad wild fires raging fairly close to home.  Homes have burned to the ground, and over half a million acres has burned up.  In San Angelo, where we once lived, the fires are really close to town and people are being evacuated.  A small town outside of Abilene called Rotan was evacuated yesterday due to another grass fire.  The grass is tall, the ground is dry, the humidity is very low, and the winds are crazy, non of which helps.  The temperatures are forecasted to soar to 100F on Monday & 98F on Tuesday.  Praying for rain, safety and relief for all involved.

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  1. Oh! I LOVE the cookie photos!!! I can see the DELIGHT on Harrison's face! Wish I could have been there!!! Sending out prayers for the fires to be extinguished & rather transferred to the heart's of those loving the Lord! Blessings to you from Africa! Aunty Jill! xxxx