Saturday, April 2, 2011


How are you doing these days? Are you happy? Is your happy based on circumstances? Mood swings?  Is it based on whether your children are obeying that day or not?  Would you say it's temporary or permanent?  Did you know that you can replace the momentary happiness with permanent joy and peace?  "Really? How?" you ask.

To keep it really simple, the root of it is a choice.  But trust me, I know you may be thinking "she's really over simplifying this."  When supper's about to burn on the stove, your little children are hungry and crying- even tugging at your leg, the phone is ringing and you can't think straight- it may be hard to believe that there can be joy instead of chaos.

Well, I was tested in my own joy this morning.  Mike left yesterday to work the next two months in Colorado.  The potential "stress" of functioning like a single mom could have been enough to put me in a foul mood, but I didn't let it.  I knew I could walk in peace knowing it would be great.  Being so richly blessed our book/bible study last night helped me to also keep my eyes focused on the right things.  Our conversation last night absolutely prepared me for what happened this morning. (There is never a coincidence with the Lord!)

Last night we were discussing a verse in 1 Peter 2:11 that says "Dear friends, I urge you to abstain from fleshly lusts (or sinful desires), which wage war against your soul."  Of course last night's discussion was in the context of eating and over-indulging etc. Today I was thinking about this verse applied little differently.

Our morning started off very well.  The children slept until 8 am, which for me was wonderful since I was up late making sure Mike arrived at his destination safely.  I decided to take the kids out for breakfast and to drop off the recycling while we were out too.  After all that was done, I was noticing how dirty our van was from the rain last week, so we headed to the car wash.  While in line for the car wash our van quit driving.  It was running and in drive but not going any where!  I chose not to panic (especially with 2 little ones in the van with me). I prayed and asked Jesus to make sure I could get them home safely.  It wouldn't go even after shifting it back into park and then drive again.  I turned it off, started it again and it drove... for a few blocks.  I lost power again as we were approaching a major intersection by the freeway.  I calmly turned it off again, while deciding to permanently leave my flashers going, and restarted it and made it another 4-5 blocks.  I had to restart it 3 times just to get home, but we safely made it home.

I could be overwhelmed right now seeing that we don't really have to money to even repair the van right now, but I have made the choice to stay calm, relaxed and even joyful about the situation.  You know why?  Because God is BIGGER.  The enemy of our soul has an assignment on this earth: to steal, kill, and destroy.  He sees the impact that our family is having in the Kingdom and wants to steal our joy and blessings but it is not going to work.

Within 30 minutes of literally rolling/coasting into the driveway I had a plan on how to check the van myself, several recommendations of a mechanic to take it to, and two people offering a temporary replacement vehicle for us to borrow while ours gets taken care of.  Isn't God amazing?  What would have happened had I just cried or got angry? One thing for sure: my kids would have followed my example.  Also, I would have been focused more on my problem instead of God's solution.  I know because I have been there before and made the wrong choice.  I let war rage in my soul before.  It stinks.  It really stinks!  This time I wasn't going to give into my fleshly desire to just have a melt down.

Today I chose peace.  Today I chose joy.  Today I chose God.  Because everything starts and end with Him.  Today I am grateful for my Father in Heaven who always has good things in store for me, who overflows my heart with joy, regardless of what is happening around me.

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  1. Hmm. I read this post the day I got my scan report. It was a nice way to remind me to put things in perspective. Nothing it too great for our God. I know he will see me through whatever will come across my path, be it a few lumps in my neck or a faulty scan. Either way, I'm okay! Thank you my dear friend. I miss you & I love you & I'm so grateful for you in my life. xxxx Aunty Jill