Friday, March 5, 2010

Sometimes God has a different idea...

Things aren't always what they seem. The job in Montana hasn't happened yet. Mike had the phone interview and said they would process him to the next step but no one has followed up with him yet. We are not sure if there is still an offer on our house or not due to some property line issues. These are a few of the concerns on our plate this week.

Good news is... we're packing, AGAIN! If you know me, you know I am not a big fan of moving. I grew up in the same house my entire life until I went to college so always being able to return "home" and have roots is something I highly value in my life. I so badly wanted our kids to have the same experience that I did but so far it hasn't worked out that way. This time God is moving us, and it's a totally amazing experience!

One of my very best friends emailed me last week Tuesday night at 11pm to say she really, really needed to talk with me but I didn't get the message until the morning because I just happened to go to bed that night at 8 pm. (Guess I needed the extra rest!) She called the next morning because she couldn't wait to share about their bible study the night before. Cindy said that they are working through the book of James and studied a scripture speaking about taking care of the widowed and the orphaned and putting your faith into action. Paul and Cindy's care cell has been praying for Mike and I for a long time, over our houses, jobs, babies etc. They were discussing the scripture and one of the older gentlemen in the group said something along the lines of "who are we if we know this couple in need and we do nothing about it but pray?" He said it was on his heart for some time now to do something tangible to help our family, and everyone in the bible study agreed. Cindy called to ask Mike and I to consider moving to Cochrane where a 2 bedroom apartment would be rented for us, all bills paid with money to help buy groceries etc so that their care cell could support us and love on us!! I was so blown away I didn't know what to say. I definitely did not see this one coming! I told her I would talk to Mike and we'd have to pray about moving our family yet again.

We took the rest of the week to pray about it and we actually went to Cochrane last weekend to spend some time there, see the apartment, and seek if this was really what the Lord would have us do. The more time we spent seeking the more obvious it was becoming. We need to belong to a community of believers who can build us up and help us recover from this terrible year. This was the next step for us.

We have been so entirely grateful to my parents for all that they have done for us. Being at the farm has its disadvantages though. We have been so isolated here. It is 25km to drive anywhere, to Lethbridge or Fort MacLeod. Driving to work would cost a lot in gas, just like driving to church a couple times a week would. Living in a small town where we can walk or bike everywhere will help us stretch our budget so much further.

Not only has a house been provided for us but the more people that hear about our situation, the more help keeps showing up!! God is moving and people are being so obedient and the blessings are over flowing! Furniture, appliances, baby clothes, baby supplies, grocery gift cards, cash.... you name it and He has provided it all through His faithful followers! Praise God!!

Cindy keeps saying she can't wait for us to see the house because we are going to be SHOCKED. I am already blessed to the point of speechlessness. Tomorrow is the big day. As we are fully dependent on Him, we actually regain some of our own independence. Lord you are so amazing! Thank you for hearing our prayers and blessing us!!

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  1. Yay! Praise God! He is always faithful and always provides for His children. :)