Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Father's Mighty Love

It's not that I don't have much to write about because I do, a lot in fact.  I am struggling with putting it all into words that will do our gratitude justice.  How do you describe an outpouring of love?  I will do my humble best to share the rest of our week together.

Thursday morning we all actually slept in at the Burnett household.  What pleasant surprise when that happens!  Not too late though because Mom & Tots started at 9:30 am at the church.  I decided for our first visit I would leave Heidi at home with Mike and take Harrison by myself.  I'm really glad I did because I was able to visit with the other moms a little bit more.  I love meeting new people and had a great time introducing Harrison to the other familes represented at the play time.  Not much time for visiting unfortunately, as I had worried about.  Harrison hasn't had much play time with other children simply because we haven't been in one community long enough to make those connections.  Let's just say that we need to work on sharing.  I was sad to watch my son hoard all the trucks. He walked around the room and collected a not-so-small pile of trucks and cars, pretty much anything with wheels.  I know that his attitude about sharing will change the more often we go and play with friends, so that's the plan!  I was happy that by the end of our time I was able to convince him that it was kind to share and he gave another boy a truck all on his own.  It was fun morning and definitely worth going.  There was another mom there who drives a school bus, which is something I am considering doing until Mike is allowed to work. I was grateful to hear her perspective on the job.  We are excited and looking forward to this week's play time!

That night we were blessed with another wonderful meal.  If there is a new family in your neighborhood, or church I strongly encourage you to take them a homemade meal. It is amazing how much this simple act will bless someone!  I realize our situation is a little different than most, but I can only speak to how much it has blessed us.  Friday was a great day too and Mike and I had a chance to visit with my good friend Jill who conveniently lives only 20 minutes away now! YAY!  Friday night was pretty special.  As dinner time approached, I described to Jill all the blessings that have been poured out on us since our arrival in Cochrane, and that someone would be bringing dinner shortly.  When dinner arrived, we invited Jill to stay as there would be plently to share.  Not only were we blessed with a delicious entree, but also a tossed salad, a fruit salad and tons of baking!  The special delivery also included 2 boxes of diapers (in each child's size) and diaper wipes! Wow!  I was really floored by the thoughtfulness of this special woman.

The biggest surprise of the evening came when a wonderful couple knocked on our door.  They didn't want to stay, they just wanted to drop off a card from their care cell group.  I graciously took the thick envelope with tears in my eyes, knowing it was stuffed with something wonderful, and said thank you.  Once they had gone, I couldn't open the envelope because I was so overwhelmed.  Mike opened the beautiful card and stuffed inside was $1000 worth of gift cards to a local grocery store.  I couldn't hold back the tears of joy and gratefulness a second longer.  I read the card to discover that I only personally knew 1 couple from the home group.  Everyone else was perfect strangers.  People who were willing to recognize a need and to give so generously!  It is hard to describe just how large the lump in my throat is even now as I write.  Mike and I were finally able to meet and thank all these amazing people at church the past Sunday morning. A good friend stopped us and asked if she could bring a meal by our house this Tuesday as well.  Thank you Father for all that you have provided for us!  Yesterday the friend who is bringing dinner stopped by with some "goodies", as she called them.  When she returned from her car she was carrying a huge box of diapers, a refill box of baby wipes (all 900 of them!), toothbrushes, floss and Qtips.  **sigh** It is hard to take it all in when so much has happened at once.  So much love!!

Sunday after church and lunch Mike had a guys day out with Paul and his boys at a car show in Calgary.  Afterwards they invited us over for dinner and games. It was such a wonderful evening out with friends, something else we have desired for a very long time.  Another indescribable blessing. Paul and Cindy have really been prayer partners for Mike and I over the last year. They have been instrumental in helping us survive this struggle.  They have also been a major catalyst in this move to Cochrane by sharing our needs in a loving way with their care cell. They love our children like their own.  When we spent the weekend up here at their house to consider if we were going to make the move, Cindy took Heidi and kept her for the entire night so that Mike and I could get a good nights sleep. That was the first time I didn't have to get up and feed since Heidi was born.  I don't think I could ever put into words how much their friendship means to our family.

All the pieces have really fallen into place. A home, provision with money, food and supplies, friends, church, community, our house in Abilene has sold, and I had two job interviews for part time work. How do I begin to thank everyone, especially you Lord? Words hardly seem enough.  I am so grateful you can see how happy we are and how our hearts are overflowing.  I love you Father God. Thank you for showing us your love too!


  1. So happy for you guys & all the amazing blessings that are literally falling onto your doorstep! And so thrilled that I can come & visit at the drop of a hat! And super excited about the Triathlon! You go girl!!! xxxx

  2. Thanks Jill! I'm excited too. God has been so good to us. When are we going to have a movie/yoga night? Soon I hope! I'm off to get a job :) Call you later!