Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It Takes Your Breath Away

We, as a family unit, have been settled in our own house since Saturday. Our own house. Those words are sweet music to my ears that also tug gently at my heart. I have shared how much "home" means to me. Our apartment/townhouse is small, about 500 sq. ft. upstairs and the same downstairs but is it perfect! We have a small balcony to grill on, Harrison already loves to "go outside" on the balcony. The kitchen and open living room are upstairs with a large walk-in pantry/storage space, and a couple of closets. Downstairs is another storage space under the stairs (Harry Potter style), the bathroom, two bedrooms, and a large closet that houses the washer and dryer plus all laundry supplies. Perfect. And it is our home.

Not only did we arrive on Saturday to all the wonderful blessings that Cindy had described to me but more. Way more. God has been busy, and people have been answering the nudges and urges they've been experiencing. There is not one thing we've wanted for and haven't been able to find it in the house. Toothpaste - in the vanity. Strainer for noodles- in the kitchen cabinet. Food- every cabinet, shelf and fridge - over flowing. A large, comfy chair to curl up in and snuggle my babies - in the living room. It's all here. We're all here and that has to be the best feeling of all.

To top off the experience God has provided us with meals all week! People have stopped by to welcome us to Cochrane, often bringing dinner for that night and one for the freezer. So amazing! The love of the Father knows no boundaries.

Tuesday night was our first night welcomed at the connect group/care cell. Just a reminder, these are the people that are paying for Mike and I to live essentially. They have committed to us for the long term, 6-12 months, as long as it takes to get Mike's paperwork approved so he can legally work and provide for our family again. This wonderful group of believers has adopted us, truly extended the arms of Christ and lovingly taken us in. We are so blessed and look forward to the discussions and friendships as we grow with them.

Heidi and Harrison are adjusting to our new home beautifully. They will be sharing a bedroom, though not now for the moment, not until we have our video monitor up and running. Heidi will stay in our room in the playpen/bassinet until then. Harrison has always been a good sleeper but his quality of sleep seems to have improved since he's been in his own room. Our sleep and marriage has improved as well since I am no longer a couch dweller and I share the bed with Mike. At least I try to share!

There is an awesome park just down the street from us that we have walked to with Harrison and he absolutely loves it. People drive from all over Cochrane to take their small kids to this park because instead of rock or sand they have recycled rubber ground so it is very safe for toddlers. I have connected with another mom whose daughter I recognize from the CAC (Cochrane Alliance Church) nursery; I hope to get to know them and their family better over time. Tomorrow is Mom & Tots time at the church where moms can take their kids to socialize and play (a.k.a. wear them out!) while the moms chat and visit. It will be my first visit there. I plan to just take Harrison the first time to get him used to it. I am looking forward to meeting some moms/families that are in the same stage of life as we are and making some friendship connections. MOPS (Mothers of Pre Schoolers) is next week, too. I belonged to MOPS in San Angelo, TX and I really looked forward to going each and every time to connect with the moms, be built up and loved on, appreciated and blessed. I met some of the sweetest women there during my brief stay. The social time was really good for Harrison as well, which I am hoping he will grow to love here too.

Each morning I wake up here in Cochrane I breathe a sigh of relief. Yes, this is real. Our life has finally made a turn for the better. We have really been blessed with all that we see. The crisp mountain air fills my lungs as we stroll hand-in-hand-in-hand and I am filled with awe by the peaks that have been blanketed by a fresh snowfall, seemingly so close I would be tempted to reach out and touch them. I look at my family, they look at me. We take it ALL in; the scenery, the change of events, the blessings. And it simply takes our breath away.

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