Monday, September 17, 2012


Many of you have figured out that The Burnett Family are no longer residents of Abilene, Texas. This is such a bitter-sweet situation for all of us. It all happened so quickly that we only had the opportunity to say goodbye to our dear friends, The Crumpton's on September 7th. We literally had 7 days to decide where we were going to live, to find a new house, and to move before Mike had to return to work. It makes me so sad that I didn't have the opportunity to personally say goodbye to many of you. I do hope that we can keep up with each other through Skype, text, email, and Facebook!

What happened to India?

The wind farm project in Karad, India will still be happening and Mike will still be going overseas, but we decided that with all the delays that it was best if the kids and I stayed home this time around, since we still don't have a concrete date of when Mike will be headed over there. His employer is saying mid-October now, but that is just a best guess. Our understanding is that the monsoon season has been extra long this year which has severely delayed the beginning of construction. That partnered with the high demand in the USA has kept Mike state-side for now. He is currently working near Wichita, Kansas.

Where do you live now?

With Mike having to be gone so far away, and for such long periods at a time I really wanted to live closer to my family for support. On September 6th we loaded up a Budget truck and headed north to Whitefish, Montana. My family is 3 hours away from here, just on the other side of the Canadian border. I am so happy to be able to just hop in the car and go and visit them! Grandma & Grandpa are so excited they have planned their first visit for this coming weekend!

We have been incredibly blessed to find an amazing home to lease. Our closest neighbors even have two girls that are 4 and 2, just like Harrison & Heidi, so it's been really fun getting to know them. Our other neighbor is from Ireland and brought us some fresh veggies out of her garden as a welcoming gift. So sweet!

Whitefish is absolutely stunning! From the quaint downtown area to the majestic Rocky Mountains to the deer on my front lawn everything about it screams “HOME” to me. The only thing missing is Mike, but hopefully {and prayerfully} that can change in the not too distant future. We believe that this is our last major relocation. Yay!!!

What now?

For now I am focused on:
  • getting Harrison and Heidi into pre-K programs
  • enjoying the fabulous fall weather and all the outdoor activities Whitefish has to offer
  • unpacking & organizing our lovely home
  • recreating a priority for exercise and health in my personal life
  • learning how to use my new SLR
  • getting involved in a new church community

If you haven't received an address update from us please text, call or email and I will make sure you have all our up-to-date contact information.  Check back soon for a virtual tour of our new home!! 

Much love,

The Burnett Bunch


  1. Wow, Montana! Awesome--I would love to come visit and see y'all and the scenery. Blessings to you as you settle in, dear one!

  2. What a journey! And what a beautiful place! I can't wait to visit. Love you so much Jenn.