Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Returning to Abilene

I don't even know where to start!  We've been in Abilene since October 23 and the time is flying by! It's been really hard because we haven't had internet until recently and I've really been trying to catch up on the major points between leaving and arriving. Time to move forward!

I like to start with the God things in our life.  Anyone who has moved a couple times knows how expensive moving can be.  Lots of little costs adding up. In our case it is lots of big costs adding up quickly!  Instead of just accepting this as "normal" we decided to pray over it and ask God to move on our behalf.

We needed to set up 2 new cell phone plans, electric, gas, water/sewer, and internet services we were worried that deposits were really going to add up, especially since our foreclosure last year.  Mike prayed in Nebraska and I prayed here in Abilene and God answered.  Most of our deposits were waived!! This is a HUGE praise report for us since we are in the process of rebuilding our credit. God is so good, He cares deeply about every detail of our lives, even the small ones!

I can't remember if I've written this previously but I feel I need to share it again.  Some of you reading will know this already, but when we were looking for a house in Abilene to rent, I looked online first and found a few that seemed suitable.  Thankfully I have really great friends here that were willing to go and check them out for me.  Kristen and Carter selflessly viewed 3 houses for us that never did work out.  I just didn't have God's peace about any houses that she'd gone to. At the same time I felt I couldn't keep asking her to go here and there!  I was beginning to feel discouraged.  The same day that Kristen viewed the third house for us, another friend wrote me immediately after finding out we were moving back and put me in touch with her mother-in-law, who happened to have a house possibly for rent.

The big thing is that we were about to put ourselves in a place of compromise based on pressure to find a house, instead of asking God to provide a house for us. Hmmmm.  In the end, I spoke with my friends mother-in-law and we were both blessed in the process.  She never intended to become a landlord, but God has created these opportunities for her.  We really needed a suitable house, in the right location and it's exactly what we found.  The only catch was that I wasn't able to see any pictures of the house, just what could be explained to me.  Yet I had this surreal peace about it, that it was meant for us. 

Fast forward to our arrival... remember that I am moving to a new house sight unseen...  We arrived at the address and were immediately encouraged.  The location is literally 5 minutes from our church, which was important to us. It is located on a fairly busy road but has a nice front garage that will keep the kids from running out on the street, another blessing.

I was blown away as soon as I stepped into the entry way!! Vonnie and Katy had both been so modest in their descriptions of the house to me.  It is absolutely beautiful! Spacious, clean, open, and logical.  The layout of the house is wonderful.  It is even painted in colors that I enjoy! What a gift from God!  My faith has really been stretched and has grown immensely through this amazing experience!

And the icing on the cake:  When Vonnie gave me a tour and we were about to leave the last thing she said to me that day was "I know this is my house but I really want you to be able to make it your home". God spoke to me in that moment. All the decisions that lead to this point have all paid off.  It was the confirmation that I needed. Thank you Father!

{more adventures from Abilene to follow...}


  1. Yes! I love hearing how our Father blesses His kids. :)

  2. So thrilled for the many blessings falling into your lives!!! Prayers heard & answered - what a glorious thing!!! xxxx Aunty Jo sends love & hugs & kisses - BIG sloppy ones!!!