Sunday, October 30, 2011


It's finally official.  The Burnett family has been ESTABLISHED in Abilene, TX!  Since Mike and I have been married we have always had part of our possessions divided - in another country, another city or another house.  After 4 years we finally have all we own under one roof. More importantly it is in a house in the city that God has called us to.  I will admit that it will be very, VERY nice to have a full arsenal of kitchen devices at my disposal, but this last move was FAR more significant than that.

I believe that finally having all parts of our lives in unity that we are unlocking an important spiritual key for our lives.  We shall see as things are revealed in the new season!

Now for sorting, selling and re-packing!!

Te amo mucho gusto,

Yes, slightly overwhelming

stuff galore!

boxes anyone?

way taller than my little people!

So grateful to have a path to the door!

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