Monday, July 12, 2010

There's Something About 30...

I can't seem to put my finger on it, but there is something about turning thirty this year that has put the pressure on me.  Things I have yet to conquer or master in my life I am finally overcoming.  I have struggled for years with eating and now suddenly I have the discipline? Or I have always wanted to maintain my athleticism and this is the year I will train for and complete 2 triathlons?  I want to be more organized and I'm making huge strides towards it.  Wow.  What "magic" is held in the number thirty.  I think for me it symbolizes the passing of time. Where did my 20s go? I swear I remember just turning 21 yesterday.  Now I'm 30... really? REALLY.  And I'm loving it!  I am stable, I am responsible, and I am content.  The challenges I have taken on are not easy ones and I am succeeding.  I dare say I am accomplished.  It feels really good and I am definitely looking forward to the next 30 years!

There has been so much happening, I don't even know where to start.  Sadly there are people who we deeply valued as friends that have practically stabbed us in the back and left us for dead.  Gladly, we have met new friends who more than make up for the bad ones with their graciousness and unconditional love towards us, who give freely of their time and we do the same.  It is so wonderful! I am SO glad that David, Lauren and Zoe have come into our lives! David and Lauren are from Louisiana and have now moved to downtown Calgary to eventually plant a new church downtown!  They are such an awesome couple, and I have learned so much from them in the short time that we've gotten to know them.  Zoe is their daughter who is about 19 months now and will soon be the big sister to her new brother!  It's been such a blessing to finally have a baby boy to whom we can pass along all of Harrison's clothes to.  So much fun!  I hope that our friendship with the Miller Family will continue, no matter what the distance!

My dearest friend Jill started her chemo treatments in Calgary about 2 weeks ago and God has really answered so many prayers for her!  She has been tired but not sick for a moment, definitely without the nausea that most often accompanies chemo treatments.  PRAISE GOD!  Bless her heart, she has even been well enough stay with our children a couple of time while Mike was away getting some stuff sorted out for a new work opportunity.  She is such a beautiful person and I love her to pieces! I will not say much at this point because we are not totally sure how things will work out, but praise God that I will be back at home with the children is and Mike will be returning to work! God is so good!

We are patiently awaiting the arrival of Jill's husband Jaco to Canada.  He is a doctor and he is from South Africa.  They met and fell in love while both working on the cruise ship. Ironically enough, he was the first doctor to diagnose her with Hodgkin's.  They were married in Namibia, in the middle of no where, on a sand dune, and she is the most stunning bride I have ever seen! Her pictures take my breath away.  We are excited for him to spend some time in Alberta so we can get to know him better, and I am secretly hoping that he will officially apply to come and work here.  Lord knows we need more good doctors!

Harrison and Heidi continue to grow and change daily.  Their curiosity and outlook on life make me smile.  Harrison is such a doting brother, he truly loves his sister.  I pray I can still say that in 2 years time!  Heidi is developing a bubbly personality all her own and will be crawling soon.  They seem to develop so much faster with a sibling to try to keep up to!  She is eating baby food and is very happy, healthy, and strong.  Her hair is still blond with a red tint and her eyes are still sparkling blue.  Absolutely adorable!

I suppose that is enough of an update tonight.  It's been so long since I've made time for blogging. I definitely miss it, and will do my best to get caught back up!

Lots of love,

The Burnett Bunch


  1. I heard in a movie recently that "30 is the new 20!!" :)
    That is so awesome about doing triathalons! I've always wanted to do one, but they seem so hard and intimidating. Proud of you!!!
    It made me sad to hear about those broken friendships, but I'm SO glad the Lord brought some true friends to your side. He is always faithful.
    Love you sister! Always enjoy reading your blogs!!

  2. Wow! Thanks Jenn! You're too kind! I'm so thrilled that you guys are in Cochrane & I can whip up to see you whenever my heart desires!!!! I've missed you these past 7 (SEVEN!!!!) years, so I'm taking advantage of every chance I can to visit you & your beautiful family... And stunning bride?!?! Um, whose photos am I editing?!?! Yeah, that is right. YOU!!! Excited for both our futures - wherever they lead us! (We know we'll be in Italy at least once in there!!!) :o) Pow Wow tomorrow! xxxx