Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The life and culture that you see working at a coffee shop is unique and defferent from anywhere I've ever worked before.  There truely are coffee conosours, officinados, or as my boss would say "coffee snobs" out there who certainly know their stuff.  Before joining the Cochrane Coffee Traders team I didn't know that coffee tasting is a lot like wine tasting.  A hint of chocolate, or caramel, or nuttiness.  To be honest, I enjoy serving the average Joe who hasn't a clue the difference between a light roast or a dark roast. He just knows that his coffee tastes good to him and helps him get through his work day.  These are the most grateful customers by far.
I generally don't go anywhere after work except home to shower because by the end of my shift I am saturated with the smell of coffee.  The other day I had to run to the bank before going home and when it was my turn, as I approached the wicket the male teller's ears perked up and his eyes glowed as he asked me "Is it your perfume that smells like COOKIES?"  I really didn't want to disappoint him, but I told him no, that infact I work with coffee beans all day long and that day I had been bagging many flavored coffees.  I think he was a little sad, but if you ever thought that the saying "A way to a mans heart is through his stomache" was cliche, here's definite proof that it's not!

Other news in the lives of the Burnett Bunch... we have officially survived Birthday Week 2010.  Harrison's birthday is May 5th, Mike's is May 8th, mine is May 12th and always somewhere in there falls Mother's Day, as well! And this year, to complicate things, I managed to gash my left thumb open (to the bone). It was not a pretty sight.  This happened on Harrison's birthday, and I couldn't do much for a couple days, including training.  It was a bit of a crazy week, sort of how Christmas will now work out for us, too.  Of course there's Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day but now we have Heidi's birthday on December 28th before New Years.  Twice a year our lives will be psychotically insane for the rest of our lives. Lord help us if we decide to have another child!!  I think we'd try to plan for a June, July, August birth, next time!

Speaking of June births, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new niece Isla at the end of June! Kimbra and Zach are expecting and we couldn't be happier for them! Our extended family is growing by leaps and bounds. I can't wait to find out the day that my brother Blair and his wife Danielle are expecting, it will be really special! I can't wait to spoil my nieces and nephews! Lots of their friends are having babies, so I hope it won't be too much longer!

Other news, Mike and I have decided that taking the kids to Texas to gather our belongings isn't the very best idea for this year, simply because they are so little and it is such a long trip (2100 miles, one way!)  It wouldn't be fair to haul them that far just to turn around 2 days later and come home.  This way I won't have to take time off work (our only income right now), and Mike will be able to do it much quicker without having to stop for a million different reasons. 

Ever since Mike and I have been married all of our belongings have never been all in the same place, at the same time, or unpacked all at once.  This is something that we truly are looking forward to.  It has been a long 3 years of "making due" and it is past due in both our opinions.  June 8th he will fly into Abilene, and drive to Brownwood to start loading the moving truck that he will drive across the country to meet Blair, Danielle, and I in Great Falls, Montana.  I will drive the moving truck across the border to avoid any complications, and then we will carry on to Cochrane.  Our goal is to have everything unpacked so that we can contribute items to a family garage sale with our good friends Paul & Cindy the following weekend.  I know that we have been storing items that we don't or won't need so it will be great to pare everything down, hopefully make some extra cash, and finally feel like we are HOME. It will be so nice, this is something I am looking forward to very, very much!

I hope that all my readers (there are some of you, right??) haven't dropped like flies. I am sorry that my posts come very inconsistently but I hope you keep reading nonetheless.

Blessings from The Burnett Bunch!

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